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Donald Farrington, born and died in Winchester, Illinois (1838-1912). Contributed by D.L. Cohagan, M.D., Bentonville, Arkansas
I am attaching a photograph (ca. 1900) of my namesake and great-great grandfather, Donald Farrington, born and died in Winchester, Illinois (1838-1912). He was a blacksmith and had ten children with his wife Minerva Gibler (1848-85). Don fought throughout the Civil War with the 129th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, mustering in 1862 as a private, and mustering out as a Corporal in June, 1865. He lost his left arm but remained strong enough to swim across the Illinois River near Winchester.

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John Hemm (born 1834, Loretto, Pennsylvania) and his wife Elizabeth Fox (born 1839, Ohio)Contributed by Melvin R. Ward, Saint Cloud, Florida
This is a photo of John Hemm (born 1834, Loretto, Pennsylvania) and his wife Elizabeth Fox (born 1839, Ohio). The photo was taken in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Elizabeth was a strong energetic woman. When they had trouble with cattle rustlers in the 1890s, she would grab a rifle, saddle a horse, and keep watch over the cattle all night long, so that the men would be able to work during the day. She would have been in her sixties at that time and was around 100 when she died.

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  1. I hope you continue to publish old photos – they are so amazing when a little history/time line is included. The two published this week are so great!!! Pam

  2. This is my favorite part of the newsletter. I was born and raised in Illinois and had heard of the man who swam across the Illinois River with only one arm. I’m happy to put a face with the story. I love both photos and love the story about Elizabeth Fox Hemm guarding the cattle. I noticed the pipe in her hand. My great grandmother smoked a pipe up until she died in 1947. I never knew her, but had been told she always smoked the pipe. I guess this was very common in earlier days. Please continue to publish these old photos. They are terrific. Patty

  3. The newsletter is always so grand to read. However, I
    go immediately to the photo listing before reading the rest
    of the news.

    I have a real keen interest in the pictures and stories of the
    past. I was blessed with pictures of my ancestors and adore
    restoring and showing them to others, plus I have oral
    histories as well.

    So, thank you so much for the wonderful accumulations. I
    have so many men and women and cousin relatives from the
    earlier days I cannot decide which to send to all of the
    Ancestry World.


  4. The picture of Donald Farrington is great, but the story-tidbits are fascinating! My grandmother and her parents were from Winchester, IL too. Some of my family names are: Little, Christison, Taylor, Slagle, Scholl and Boone. Do we have any lines in common?

  5. Melvin,
    I live near Coeur d’Alene and would be happy to get you some pictures of graves or their home, if it exists still. Contact me through my tree, Judy’s tree, search for Mathias Boll in St Louis, MO.

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