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Bowen family, Bethel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma. 1914Contributed by Clay Taylor, Magnolia, Arkansas
This is a photo of my great-grandparents, Joseph Walter Bowen, (1889-1956) and Mary Francis (Stover) Bowen (1889-1919). Their children were, from left to right, my grandmother, Ruby Dale Bowen (1910-98), Hazel M. Bowen (1913–2003), and Leonard Edward Bowen (1909-85). This picture was taken around 1914 and at this time they lived in Bethel, McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

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Gebke (Busboom) Baehr (8 November 1887-18 to February 1977)Contributed by Bev Buss
This is a photograph of my grandmother, Gebke (Busboom) Baehr (8 November 1887-18 to February 1977). She was born in Illinois, but spent most of her life near rural Pickrell, Nebraska, and rural Adams, Nebraska. This photo was probably taken in the early 1900s. She married my grandfather, Paul Baehr in 1907.

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  1. Interesting that the children were dressed in their Sunday best but wore no shoes. I wonder what the reason was… No shoes? Barefoot was common in their area? Shoes in poor condition?

  2. my great great grandfather was alexander carroll dean..he lived in rolla, phelps county, missouri…i have been looking for a photo of him for years…can anyone help..his daughter, nannie jane dean smith was my great grandmother…write me at…….thanks

  3. Clay, Joe Bowen was my grandfather. Good to see this on the internet. Have you any more pictures? I am Charles’ daughter. How is your mom? I hear from Mary Jean occasionally.Sherry Bowen Hardaway

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