Tips from the Pros: Perpetual Calendar, from George G. Morgan

Have you ever wondered on what day of the week your great-grandmother was born? Or have you wondered whether someone famous was born on the same date as your father? An excellent perpetual calendar resource on the Web can be found at the 10,000 year calendar website ( Here you can select a century, a year, and a month, and click to display a calendar. Then, click on the day of the month if you want to learn the moon phase, historical events on that date, the names of famous people born on that date, and much more information.

3 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Perpetual Calendar, from George G. Morgan

  1. Perpetual calendar…another good site is

    If I remember right, I think it only covers time back to 1800. But, you get famous people born on that date, the president and vice-president, costs of different things, popular movies and books, top headlines for the week, as well as what day of the week the date was.

  2. Like the site!

    I’ve been looking for a site like this for converting dates!

    I also like the extra things you can check besides day of the week!

    Thank you for the site!


  3. Another version of the Perpetual Calendar is one you have made up from the information you actually have. I recently gave my granddaughter a “Heritage Calendar” for her fourteenth birthday. It was a Perpetual Calendar in that each month only had the dates and not the days marked. It included all her known ancestors (back to her 6th great grandparents) and her own and extended families. Birth or christening dates and marriage dates were included, and where birth dates were unknown but a death date was, then the death was put in with a small black cross symbol to diferentiate. (Marriage dates had a small pink heart symbol). Where possible, photos were included. The facing pages of the calendar included such things as: maps of the countries the immigrants had originated from, their routes to Australia, ships and dates of arrival, sad days, happy days, gems from the past (copies of entries from very old autograph books which gave her the actual handwriting of her great grandparents etc.)and gems from current family (we all had a small box – complete with photo – in which to write a small phrase of wisdom), how they earned their living (it was fun trying to find a picture of a pair of false teeth for the dentist, thank goodness for free clip art web sites),the world they came from (detailing conditions which may have influenced their departure from thei home countries) and the world they came to (what it was like in Australia in the mid-19th century, and a complete family tree -that was some feat, trying to fit them all in; Iused Roots Magic for that. At the end I compiled an index which included everyone on the calendar, with relevant dates, spouses, country of birth, date of arrival, occupation and relationship to Laura. It may not be the type of perpetual calendar you meant, but it will never go out of date. (apparently she was ‘awed’ by it).

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