Ancestry Has a New Blog!

Ancestry blog launch.bmpAncestry now has a company blog. You can find it at The blog was created as a place to keep everyone connected with what’s going on at Ancestry, you will now be able to find blog posts on several Ancestry topics: content and digitization, family trees and other site features.

You’ll also be able to read posts from Ancestry staffmembers working to improve Family Tree Maker, Ancestry Press, DNA Ancestry, Ancestry print publications and other products. Blog readers will have the opportunity to chat with Tim Sullivan, president and CEO of The Generations Network, parent company of

This company blog is in addition to Juliana Smith’s 24/7 Family History Circle blog, which launched Ancestry into the blogosphere in early 2006. Click here to visit the new Ancestry blog!

4 thoughts on “Ancestry Has a New Blog!

  1. I feel like the only one on the planet that can prove Archie King existed; but where he was born, what his wife’s Sophia maiden name was, where and when he died is still a mystery that I have been trying to solve for over 10 years. Just who is this fellow – have his siggnature on duaghter’s wedding certificate, shoe he owned land,,,,,but —
    surely with all the KING’S out there, it must ring a bell with some. Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, perhaps Michigan ??? Anyone????

  2. Perhaps I am using the incorrect place to post such a request, however the Directory of Irsih Genealogy mentions that has on its website “Index to Griffith’s Valuation” for Ireland. Could you please advise as to how I can access this on you site for I cannot find it.

    Many thanks,


  3. I could not get the links to the new site to work. They both gave a “Server Not Available” error.

  4. Can’t find any link to my grandparents in Montana during Spanish American War through 1907. In Butte, Helena, Anaconda and surrounds. I know they were there. Any one help?

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