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Augusta Dorthea Koehn (1890-1941) is the baby, John Carl Martin Koehn (1856-1922) and Elizabeth Louise Koehn (1870-1941). Contributed by Bob Holtz, Rochester, New York
This photo was taken in January of 1891. My grandmother, Augusta Dorthea Koehn (1890-1941), is the baby of about seven months and the adults are my great-grandfather, John Carl Martin Koehn (1856-1922) and my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Louise Koehn (1870-1941). They arrived from Mecklenburg, on the “Weiland,” at New York on 1 November 1890. This photo was taken soon after they arrived at their permanent farm home in Lockport, Niagara County, New York.

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James Merle Gill and twin John Mervin Gill, Wabash Township (very edge of the town Montezuma), Parke County, Indiana, 1929Contributed by Arnie Gill, Santa Clarita California
My father, James Merle Gill, is on the left with the clinched fist and his fraternal twin, Uncle John Mervin Gill, is on the right–both age two. The photo was taken in the summer of 1929 on the Gill farm, Wabash Township (very edge of the town Montezuma), Parke County, Indiana. The twins’ grandfather, James Madison Gill, migrated from Pulaski County, Kentucky, to Parke County, Indiana, for work during the glory years of railroading.

13 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. How cute! Thank you for sending this sweet picture of the twin boys! It is great that you have this picture in your collection.

  2. Those are some fantastic photos. I am truely amazed at the clarity of the one taken in 1891. In our busy world of today with cell phones and computer this and computer that it makes a person wonder what life would be like without no television or any of that. I really enjoy seeing the old style clothing. I find it soothing to the soul.

  3. Thanks to Arnie for sharing a piece of his past. It doesn’t get much better than that. Harry

  4. Do you ever wonder how our ancestors felt in those clothes? The fabrics look so unyielding and rough to the touch. The bodices are always so tight. I wonder if they complained or do we wonder about the comfort because our clothes are so soft and free fitting. Reminds me that my Aunt once told my cousin (after she cinched her belt as tight as she could) that some day she will want to wear a loose waist band!!! We laugh about that now and we are wearing the loose waist band!!!

  5. I love looking at old pictures. I wonder where the Gill family came from before getting to IN.

  6. Smile, if only I would read the entire commentary on the pic BEFORE I write a comment. Pulaski Co., KY….hmmmm, wonder if they had first settled around Bourbon Co., KY in early 1800’s.

  7. How fortunate for them to be so lucky to have these beautiful
    pictures. Hope I’m that lucky to trace back that far.

  8. What a cute picture of your father and uncle. Parke County Indiana is a beautiful country place with Covered Bridges. We used to go there every Oct. for the Covered Bridge Festival, and it’s still very rural. I can’t imagine how “rural” it must have been back in 1929!! These two little boys probably ran across the same covered bridges we’d see.

  9. That picture of the two small boys reminds me of trying to get pictures of my own young sons. The clenched fists, the glare! You are so lucky to have it! Thanks for sharing.

  10. This picture reminded me of a similar picture I have of my mother and uncle taken about the same time frame. These little guys don’t have shoes on and I wonder how many children in this era went without shoes, especially at home. These days I often tell my grandchildren to put their shoes on when they would prefer to go barefoot. Sometimes things don’t change. A wonderful picture!

  11. Witam serdecznie.

    Jestem z Polski.
    Mam na imiÄ™ Anna.
    Interesuje mnie Genealogia.
    Poszukuję osób z rodziny.
    To zdjęcie jest piękne.
    Niestety nie znam języka angielskiego,przepraszam.
    Z wyrazami szacunku.

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