Weekly Planner: Set a Family History Goal

We set all kinds of goals in our lives–work benchmarks, getting healthier, financial goals, etc. But have you set any goals for your family history project? Just as in other areas, goals are helpful in motivating you into action. Give yourself a deadline for writing that biographical sketch or publishing your family history. Set a financial goal for that dream research trip. Or just set aside time each day to devote to a project, whether it be cleaning out files, or finally compiling that family newsletter you’ve been meaning to get out. Wherever your priority lies, setting a goal is the first step in achieving success. Share your family history goals in the comments section of the blog.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Set a Family History Goal

  1. My major family history goal is:
    STICK TO THE JOB AT HAND! I tend to be easily distracted and head off in other directions while working on a particular name.

  2. Organize my family research! It’s easy for me to research and gather information, but getting each family’s information all in one place is the trick.

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