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Coming Soon:

  • U.S. Passport Applications, 1787-1925 
  • Historic U.S. & Canada Atlases, 1591-2000 
  • Major U.S. & Canada Newspaper Update 
  • North Dakota State Census, 1915 & 1925 
  • Oklahoma Territorial Census, 1890 & 1907 
  • Southern Claims Commission Records 
  • Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Records 
  • Stars and Stripes, Pacific Theater, 1942-1964

72 thoughts on “New at Ancestry

  1. Would it be possible to database the Illinois death index before the SSDI? 1950>1963? they have a crazy law on releasing these deaths (that they have to be 50 years old)and yet the SSDI for Illinois are up to date!

    I am looking for a possible RR worker death date. Carl Albers b: 26 Mar 1896 and he missed the WW1 draft somehow. and is listed on the 1920 census.

  2. Several months ago you listed the New Jersey State Census as an upcoming database. I have never seen it mentioned again. Is it still coming and if so, what is the planned date? Thanks.

  3. Could we have a discussion of ‘what are key words’?, Then how, when and why to use them. Rollie R.

  4. With what frequency or within what time frame are replies for posted questions here answered? Are they answered here?

  5. I have asked often and will continue to do so – it would be helpful on the Newspaper Collections to see a map location of that particular newspaper – there may be newspapers I am not
    searching that are close to a family’s location because I’m not
    aware that newspaper might be only a county away, etc.

  6. I do wish your ancestry newsletters would contain more info relevant for us British Cousins!

  7. Why is it so difficult to do research on PA birth and/or death records? I can’t reference any of my relatives eastern PA even though they were born in the same city in which they died. I can’t even find my own birth record.

  8. Like a few other posts I would love to see anything from New Jersey. The state census would be great. I have been patiently waiting since I saw it mentioned in a newsletter that one of the upcoming databases would be the New Jersey state census.

  9. I too could really use the NJ state census records; those for 1905, 1915, and 1925 would be great! Also, has any thought been given to purchasing the NJ death index for Ancestry?


  10. I also would like to see more records from NJ, especially the State census and even the birth marriage and death indexes. It would make it so much easier to narrow down the records I want to get because NJ has made it a little more difficult to get records these days.

  11. I agree totally about the NJ Census and other records. There’s a lot of random, sparsely populated states (North Dakota) getting a lot of updates, but NJ, once of the most heavily populated states, doesn’t get major updates very often.

    Please, more NJ records! 🙂


  12. I would like to see Canada pre 1851, and the 1861, 1871, 1891 cnesuses indexed, as well as BMD for all the provinces. Also censuses and BMD for New Zealand, Australia and other British Empire jurisdictions/Commonwealth Nations. Census and BMD databases already posted are great additions to the collection!

  13. The New/Updated BMD databases for Canada are absolutely messed up now. A common name such as Hughes comes up saying there are no matches for that search in the birth and death index. If you enter a name and a date, the search result comes back saying there are no matches for the date. (Also nothing for the name). For a marriage I looked through over 500 entries before I even found any names beginning with the last name I was looking for. I really hope they get this straightened out soon. It’s absolutely useless right now.

  14. Please could you remember us across the pond. You just seem to through us the odd fish to keep us quiet. After all it is much harder to get into records in Britain than America with our laws keeping an awful amount under lock and key.

    Beryl Bohannon

  15. I, too, am looking for birth/death records from PA. I have two great aunts that may have passed away before 1900, one born in 1875, the other in 1880. I can’t trace either one after the census of 1880. Also, cannot locate cemetery where their parents are buried, (my gr grandparents), even though one small obit for my gr grandmother mentions a cemetery in Kane,PA. They are not buried there and have tried several other ones in the same general area with no success.

  16. I would like to see more records from the Indian Territory prior to 1906.Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory were two different areas in the now present state of Oklahoma. My family was in Indian Territory.

  17. 1890 US census fragment has essentialy stop me in my tracks. Are there any New Jersey State census records for 1890? Thank You. Mark

  18. Why is it so hard to find a brother of a sister that has a death certificate on file at Mercer, Rock, West Virginia. They lived together for a while. The sister was found dead at home in 1944. The brother cannot be located on the census. Did he die before the sister or had he moved to another state?
    It seems as if he vanished off the face of the earth.

  19. First of all, thank you! Without the resources of, how small would the national interest in genealogy be? But since you asked, and if these exist, passenger lists on arriving ships post-1620 would be nice.

  20. Can we please have much more information on Births, deaths and Marriages in Ireland, especially Dublin. Even although I have my fathers birth date and that he was born in Dublin I can’t get any information at all. He was married in Scotland and I have his marriage certificate which shows he was a widow and I would like to try and trace not only to see if he had any brothers or sisters but to see if thee were any children by his first marriage. Also follow up on my Grandfather and Grandmother.

  21. Researching Aunt Mabel Lorine Folger/Whitmore bd. 07-19-1919 Kansas SS#550-28-7630
    dd. 11-19-1986 Los Angeles, California
    Her death certificate states she was divorced but it does not list her ex-husband’s first name. Iam having trouble locating her marriage certificate.Is there someplace i can go to find out this information without his first name.

  22. Please publish more records for New Jersey. It is a very difficult state to research.
    Thank you.

  23. Ia there any records on where to find naturalization records for NJ,Pa or Maryland ???Why not on ??

  24. You said early this year that the New Jersey State Census records would be released soon. I am against a “brick wall” and cannot make any progress in my research until these records are released. I don’t know which ones will be released, but I am especially interested in the 1865, 1875, 1885 and 1895 records. From reading the blogs, it sounds like many others need these records also. Also, It would be very helpful to have the marriage records from all the counties and not just the few that are listed now. Thanks……….

  25. I agree with a previous comment – your newsletters do seem to all relate to USA records. My family history is centred in Britain and Australia. I’d appreciate more advice about those data bases.

  26. When will there be more information on Georgia, and North Carolina?
    I am having trouble finding marriage, birth and death records before 1900.
    Thank you in advance.

    Paulette Stafford

  27. Why can’t I find any records for immigrants to Canada from Wales (via ship in the 1920’s)? I believe they landed in Halifax but possibly Montreal.

  28. When searching for names in the newspaper article could the name be highlighted? (like on Scotland’s People). It is almost impossible to find anything in those artciles.

  29. I would love to see Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory (before statehood in 1907)records online. Thank-you!

  30. Is there any way of getting any records from NJ, NY, PA? State Census, birth/death/marriage records, directories, historic newspapers, etc.? My research is centered around these states and I am having a very difficult time finding inforamtion.

  31. Hellooooooooooooooooo,
    How about some more records on Jersey that you promised. Its so difficult to get records from our stingy state. Also it would be nice to have the newspapers zoned so we know what to look for. Thanks and God bless Ancestry

  32. 1) PLEASE more pre-1800 records for IRELAND: very little for Dublin,Cork,Wexford.
    2) I agree that searching for specific names in “Historical Newspapers” is a timely task. Please HIGHLIGHT the name being searched for to make it quick to find.

  33. I would like to see some answers to these questions. Does anyone at actually read these “comments”?

  34. Is there going to be more information on New Zealand ancestry? Trying to trace New Zealand heritage is almost impossible other than paying for birth death and marriage certificates which is quite expensive. Hope to see something soon.

  35. Perhaps you could obtain the New York STATE census records, they could be quite handy.

  36. I too, am looking for help on NJ census records, especially information concerning Hudson County. The census was mentioned months ago but so far, no sign. Can you estimate a posting date for these materials? Ellen

  37. Will Canada publish more recent census records than 1911? Or have they cut off letting their census records be seen.

  38. So many immigrants landed in New York City and stayed there, yet locating them in Brooklyn is difficult even though there were more immigrants there than in any other city. Can’t Ancestry help???


  39. Would love to have access to Scranton, PA; Fall River, MA; New Bedford, MA; and Kingston, NY newspapers (from 1700s to as near as you can get to the present). Also, you had a database of pictures from the National Archives that pertained to Fall River and child workers. What happened to this database? It’s no longer there. One of my g-g-grandmother Mary Ann Cooney O’Brien’s nephews, James (Jimmy)Cooney was in one of the photos, which was dated about 1916 or so. Can you please repost that database? Thanks.

  40. Is California’s pre-1940 death index ever going to be release to Ancestry. I volunteer for a group that frequently has need for this information. Thanks you.

  41. Will Naval records for men who enlisted during WWII be included with other military records?

  42. I see that you have placed State of Maryland deaths and marriages on line for a certain earlier period. When will these indexes be provided for later dates = after 1850 and beyond 1910?

    Also, would you be able to make available records from Washington, D.C. after 1900? Births and marriages.

    Many thanks.

  43. When will the women who were in WWII be included? They served their country and should be listed. I have tried to find information on my mother who was a WAC during WWII. I found some information on my father who was also in the Army during WWII and my step father was in the Navy during WWII.

  44. Royal Navy ships at sea or on foreign service are missing from the 1891 Census for England and Wales, yet they are supposed to exist; could these be included please.

  45. I feel the same way as Gwen Gelesko 7/10/07 8.15pm.

    Does anyone at Ancestry read these comments? If so, will replies be posted?

    I will also keep asking:


    Kaye Hardley

  46. I would like to see some newspapers from the Macoupin County, IL. area, meaning Carlinville and also from the St. Clair County, IL. area, Belleville, IL. and also from Springfield, IL. I have many relatives in these areas, and cannot find some information on them.

  47. I have lots of family members from New Jersey, especially Morris County. Any way to get more marriage and birth records for this state? I have been having an awful time trying to get maiden names.

  48. Please do more with Indian Territory records. Not Oklahoma Territory, but the part of Oklahoma that was Indian Territory. Example: Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation etc.

    Thanks so much, Jo Cox

  49. Yet another vote for the NJ census. By the way do these comments go into a big black hole or does someone read and answer at some point.

  50. I would like to see the CA. birth index list the first name of the birthmoms, not just their maiden names. It is very difficult looking up last name when there are so many. One does not want to pay for a copy of a birth cert. when you are not sure if it is the correct birthmother.

  51. When is the New Jersey census going to be placed on line on Ancestry .com for all to use?



  52. HI All,have read the other comment’s and agree with Quite A lot of viewer’s,how long are these sites going to be specially england ,Ireland 1800s onwards ,also agree with Kaye 43,Ancestry .com are doing Agood job Just a little Faster Please Cheers Albertus.

  53. Are you going to ever have a listing from All the major shipping ports of people leaving America to go back to there homelands? (Starting with the 1800’s to 1930s). Germany would be a good start.

  54. Would like to see the International sites broadened more to include more about Italy, emmigrants to South America as well as the USA. Very difficult to get info. Thanks!

  55. Can anyone tell me. When will the US census for 1940 become available online?
    Thank You

  56. I am researching NJ (Bergen & Hudson counties etc), and it is a very difficult state for genealogical research. Even traveling from Washington to Trenton, NJ to get records produced no result, as they will only send a family birth, marriage and death certificate after written request and all sorts of “proof”. With this, it still took over 4 months to receive.

    Would like to see more NJ and NY City vital records as well as Directories and Newspapers (1850 forward). Thanks

  57. While we’re at it, I very much appreciate ancestry for their US centered records but if records are to be added for other countries, it wouldn’t be fair to pick just the UK or Ireland.
    Many other nationalities have ties to their motherland and arrived in the US early enough to warrant both US and European records. There are several books that I would love to be available here that cost in the thousands of dollars to purchase, assuming they are in the public domain. Anything written by Philip Argenti, the Giustiani families of Genoa which established themselves on the island of Chios, the accounts of the victims of the Chian massacre of 1822. The world is so much bigger than just the US, UK and Ireland, don’t forget about the rest of us!

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