Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, 07-11 January 2008

Utah Genealogical AssociationWhat do you have on your calendar to improve your genealogical research skills?  How about the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, January 7-11, 2008?  The Utah Genealogical Association will again be holding its very successful Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is a week-long educational experience for people interested in learning the “how” to break through those genealogical “brick walls.”

Expert genealogists teach at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy in nine specific courses or the coveted Course 10, a “one-on-one-problem-solving” course for those who need help on their tough family history problems. 

Classes finish by early afternoon each day allowing time for research at the Family History Library, located just two blocks away.  In addition (or if you can’t get away during the day), there are evening classes on relevant genealogical topics offered Tuesday (January 08), Wednesday (January 09), and Thursday (January 10). 

Here’s the fare for 2008:

  • Course 1 – American Records and Research: Focusing on Families. Coordinator, Paula  Stuart Warren, CG.  This intermediate level course focuses on U.S.  records and strategies to take you beyond basic research tools.
  • Course 2 – Western U.S. Research. Coordinator, Chuck Knuthson.  This course covers topics critical to successful Western U.S. Research.
  • Course 3 – Welsh Research. Coordinator, Marianne Crump.  Designed for the  intermediate to advanced Welsh researcher, this course will address many  challenges unique to Wales while examining available records.
  • Course 4 – Research of France and her Former Colonies. Coordinator, Thomas McGill.   Rarely are courses focused solely on French research offered.  Come and  learn how to overcome research challenges unique to your French  ancestors.
  • Course 5 – Archives, Libraries, Societies: Serving Genealogists. Coordinator, Anne   Wuehler, MLS, CG.  Are you a librarian who serves genealogists?  This  course will develop your skills and expertise.
  • Course 6 – Multimedia Publishing: Web Pages, Photo Collections, DVD, Family  Histories, etc. Coordinator, Anne Roach.  This course will center on  digital genealogical publishing and preservation.
  • Course 7 – Scandinavian Research. Coordinator, Ruth Maness, AG.  This track is  designed to help you break down your Scandinavian brick walls.  It will  give you new learning about Scandinavian records and how to interpret  their contents, including relevant Internet resources.
  • Course 8 – Producing a Quality Family Narrative. Coordinator, John Philip Colletta,  Ph.D., FUGA.  This course teaches you how to compile the material  you’ve been gathering and turn it into an interesting and enjoyable family  narrative.
  • Course 9 – Advanced Methodology: Paying the Price to be Successful. Coordinator, Kory L. Meyerink, MLS, AG, FUGA.  This course focuses on METHODS    for successful research, not on genealogical sources.  With this course you    will learn how to handle sources and repositories in new and different    ways, and how to thoroughly interpret records.
  • Course 10 – Research Methodology: Genealogical Problem Solving. Coordinator, Judith W. Hansen, MLS, AG.  Have a brick wall in your research?  This  unique course is tailored to your individual research needs, including one- on-one consultation time with genealogical experts.

No matter which course you attend, you will be a better genealogist by January 11, 2008.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up NOW!  For more information on the courses or the evening classes, or to enroll online, visit!

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  2. Please can you help?
    I am trying to find details of my Grandfather who was laid to rest at Lake Shore Home on April 18th 1967 and intered at Highland Park Cemetary. His name wae Evan T Morgan dob 1889.

  3. very good ide this seminar., wish i could afford to attend., with gas prices, etc so high it seems that the whole country is a a standstill? what is the answer? how about courses on line??/

  4. Tried to obtain prices of seminar without registering. No success. Also, what are hotel rates for participants of Seminar?
    Thank you, JMB

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