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Francesco Brunetto and Manorela MogattaContributed by Phyllis Sgarellino
This is a copy of my grandparents wedding picture from 1906–Francesco Brunetto and Manorela Mogatta–in Middletown, Connecticut.

Lizzie Learmonth (1861-1883)Contributed by Anne Slater, Ardmore, Pennsylvania
This is my great grandmother, Lizzie Learmonth (1861-1883), probably taken in Edinburgh, Scotland, although possibly in Kirkwall, the main town of Orkney, a group of islands north of Scotland, where she and my great grandfather were born and grew up.

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  1. These tinted photographs reminded me that I have wanted to know more about that subject. When did they begin tinting and painting on photos? Did the photographers themselves do it?
    Or did they have assistents who doctored up the pictures to make them more saleable or? A cousin has a tinted picture which is on an approximately 8 x 10″ piece of metal. I don’t know if it is actually a “tin type” because I haven’t seen any that big, but someone even painted on parts of it to enhance the color. This is an identified picture of an ancestor who was born about 1810. It shows her as a young lady wearing one of those bonnets with the strings untied that were popular in the 1840s. This woman was said to have died in Arkansas in her sixties. Does the fact that this picture is “painted on” as well as tinted, yield a clue as to its date? or place?

  2. It’s been a source of disappointment that photos do not show up with the Ancestry Weekly Journals. Only blank squares indicate where they are lurking. However, today, I clicked to register a comment, and the two photos (both lovely) appeared! What a boon! Thank you.

  3. hello…i am trying to trace my ancestors…my grandmother was jean learmonth,jean lawson ritchie leramonth….the middle name ritchie could be spelt wrong….she was known as jane and married a jack carnall during the war in 1941…they had a daughter hellen who was my mother…and a son called donald Leslie ,im trying to trace long lost uncles and aunts…and also to try and get pictures of my great grandfather and great grandmother…to find out about my family…where my mums family originated from….i know my grandmother jean learmonth(carnall) was born in glasgow ,they moved to Edinburgh whilst my grandmother was young…great grandad had a brother john who lived in Edinburgh,i met him before he died many many years ago…i was probably 11years old when i saw him…but if any of my great aunts and uncles are still alive or cousins..please get in touch i would love to see pictures of them….yours sincerly john duffy

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