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Susie Phoebe Simmons, ca. 1895Contributed by Nancy Simmons Roberson
Susie Phoebe Simmons, ca. 1895
Daughter of Andrew Lincoln Simmons and Susan Lavina Cokeley
Harrisville, Ritchie County, West Virginia


Ruby and Nellie Crane, ca. 1894 

Contributed by Melvin L. Graham III
The photo, taken ca. 1894, is of his great-aunt Ruby Crane, b. 01 November 1889 and his maternal grandmother, Nellie Crane, b. 31 October 1886. 

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  1. I am working on the CRANE family too. My husband is a CRANE. His dad was Jimmie Franklin CRANE, grand-dad was Henry Oscar CRANE,JR., was Hiram H. CRANE, grt, grt gd was Hiram H. CRANE, SR., grt., grt, grt gd was William CRANE who married Elizabeth COLLENS.
    I have that William Jr. was born 1748 VA., married Elizabeth sometime in the yr. 1785. She was born March 1766.
    If this runs in your line you can contact me at,

  2. RE: the photo of Susie Phoebe Simmons – this photograph is priceless. I don’t have any connection to this family but I think Susie is precious.

  3. Susie Phoebe Simmons photo is priceless!! Agree! I do hope you have this displayed prominently and as large as possible. What also makes it so interesting is the hen? rooster?- any photo with toys, animals, transportation et al always gives a photo life. The child’s smile is wonderful and seems to give her a kindness. Did she become as kind a woman?

  4. The photo of Susie Phoebe Simmons is wonderful! What a lovely
    family photo to have in your possession. I cannot imagine a chicken being so calm in the arms of a child; surely it was her pet, and not intended for Sunday dinner.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much happier little Susie Phoebe Simmons appears to be in her natural setting than little Ruby and Nellie Crane appear, made to dress up in their Sunday best to pose for the photographer!

  6. Susie Simmons was my Grandmother. This is my favorite picture of her. She was a kind woman and a wonderful grandma. She worked hard her whole life, but had a good life with a loving family. I also have a journal she wrote when she was fourteen that spanned a year. She wrote in it every day, telling about what they did that day on the farm, who came to see them, what was happening with neighbors, and what she did at school.It is my most prized possession.

  7. I love this picture of Susie Simmons. She was my late husband’s(Robert W. Simmons)aunt. Thanks so much for sharing it, Nancy.

  8. I sure could use more info on
    Robert as I am expanding my FT into the South from N.Y.State.

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