Photo Corner: The Taylor Family, Canada, ca. 1903

Taylor Family, Canada, ca. 1903--Ernest Taylor, Isaac Taylor, Mary Ann Squibb Taylor, Jan Fryer TaylorThanks to Karen Taylor, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada for sharing this beautiful photograph with us! She tells us,

This photo was taken in Canada circa 1903, after emigration from Southampton in 1890. It includes my grandfather Ernest William Taylor (1891-1965) front row right, eight of his twelve brothers and sisters, my great-grandparents, Isaac William Taylor (1857-?) born in Southampton (middle row right), Mary Ann Squibb Taylor (1857-1951) born in Dorset (middle row left), and my great-great-grandmother Jane Fryer Taylor (1833-1912) born in Wiltshire (middle of the middle row).

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8 thoughts on “Photo Corner: The Taylor Family, Canada, ca. 1903

  1. I just love this picture!! In our world today of portraits with fake backgrounds this is just so ‘real’. It gives you a time capsule of sorts by just looking at the background; from the shutters on the arched windows with hinges ( they actually used them), the native greenery and the charming little boardwalk, it just captures your imagination. I wonder why Jane is holding a plate of apples? Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. I love this picture too! Look at the greenery behind them-how lush it is–When the soil was still rich, I suppose. What a beautiful family–maybe the plate of apples signifies they were all well. Thank you for letting us share.

  3. This picture is wonderful. With our high powered digital cameras we think we get such detail, but this picture would rival them for sharpness and clarity.

  4. the lady sitting in the chair looks exactly like my father (of course only with long hair) – is there any records of any taylor relatives in kansas?

  5. I have a prolem/suggestion. In the contributer’s narritive it’s noted the family had immigrated from one place to another. Most of us have no idea where those places are…Not even what country! Please keep that in mind when you contribute things/pictures in the future. Thanks, Susan

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