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As I write this, I’ve just finished the first draft of next week’s newsletter. Although it’s still six days off, as many of you noticed, we’re still working out some of the kinks in the new production line. My apologies for the errors in the e-mail version of the newsletter. As many of you pointed out, the blurb about the TVA certainly didn’t belong in The Year Was 1892. It was actually a paragraph from the previous newsletter and The Year Was 1933. For those of you who were confused by this problem of misplaced paragraphs in both Sherry’s article and The Year Was 1892, the correct versions of all of the articles can be found here on the blog. We’ve made some changes in our review procedures that should ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your patience.

Since I’ve spent the past couple days researching and writing for next week’s newsletter, I haven’t finished part three of Maintaining Balance series of articles. (Part 1, Finding Time  and Part 2, Budgeting for Success are already up on the blog.) I am hoping to have it ready for tomorrow and it will discuss Finding Space. Since rains this weekend spurred an office organization project for me, I’ve made some space adjustments myself and I must say, if I can get a few more rainy days in, I’ll have a whole new office!

I also had a couple odds and ends I wanted to post and rather than make them a bunch of separate items, I thought I’d condense them into a This and That post. So here goes:

  • The National Trust for Historic Preservation has declared the month of May National Preservation Month and they have some neat ideas on their website. They include a pamphlet on how to find history in your community titled, Be a Backyard History Detective that has some great ideas for involving kids. Although May is a pretty busy month for us with the end of the school year activities, I am printing out the pamphlet for summer.
  • Several people have written to ask me about the old list of recently added databases. I’m happy to report you can still find it on the site at:  There is also a link on the What’s New at page we talked about last week on the blog. As I checked out the recent data today, one database caught my eye-Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York, 1784-1831. I took a quick peek at it and it is worth a look, particularly if your ancestors owned property, worked for the city or did business with the city at that time. I’ll be giving it a second look later tonight! 
  • The Wisconsin Historical Society has posted all 103 volumes of Freedom’s Journal online. The Freedom’s Journal was the African-American owned and operated newspaper in the United States and it ran from 1827-1829. For more information, see the Wisconsin Historical Society website.
  • The above information was found on a blog that is worth a mention in and of itself. According to the website, “The Scout Project research team creates and delivers practical Web-based information and software solutions for educators, librarians and researchers.” There are several other interesting articles on this week’s report that are worth a look-see.

Well, that’s about it for me tonight. Time to take a break.

Have a good evening!


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  1. I went quickly to this website to check it out–especially the Spanish portion. How disappointed I was to find many broken links. Maybe this just isn’t updated often enough.

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