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Angela Lacirignola (Beyer), abt. age three, and Joseph Lacirignola, abt. age five, ca. 1919, New York CityContributed by Susan Beyer
This is a photo of my mother, Angela Lacirignola (Beyer), abt. age three, with her brother, Joseph Lacirignola, abt. age five.  The photo was taken around 1919 in New York City.  My mother and her brother were born in New York City to Italian immigrants.

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Nellie Morlan Milburn (1881-1981) and Joseph Enzely Milburn (1876-1962), Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa, November 1949Contributed by Joanie Hanlon
I love this photo of my grandparents, Nellie Morlan Milburn (1881-1981) and Joseph Enzely Milburn (1876-1962) in the dining room of their Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa home, November 1949. The first thing I thought was, “That’s where I got my calves!”

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  1. I love this photo–there’s so much to look at, and all our grandparents’ houses looked just like this! They all had the doilies on the back of the chairs and on the arms! Clocks and calendars were always in the photos of their homes. Thanks for sharing this photo with us, Joanie.

  2. I like this photo too. The simplicity of their everyday life is very well presented in the snapshot. Besides capturing their likeness, it is a time capsule. In modern photography we are tempted to crop to the subject. This would be the prefect example of when to leave things alone. Thanks

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