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Daniel Fischer, Jr.Contributed by Carmen Major, Sioux City, Iowa
This is a photograph of my grandfather, Daniel Fischer, Jr. I never knew him, but I wish I had. I was told he had a great sense of humor and this picture shows that.

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Andrew Jackson Ruddell, Emily M. Bloyd, 1885-90, McDonough County, Illinois

Contributed by J. Alan Woods
Here is a wedding photo of my great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Ruddell, and great-grandmother, Emily M. Bloyd, taken in 1885-90. The couple was married in McDonough County, Illinois.


6 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. It took me a couple of seconds to see why it was stated Danield Fischer Jr had a sense of humor! Funny picture. How’d he get the dog to do that?!

  2. I was interested in the photo by J. Alan Woods as his relatives were married in McDonough County, Illinois, which is the same county that I have been researching my relatives.
    Illinois has a great website for locating marriage information.
    I did a search and found the following which looks to be likely the same. Ruddell, Andrew J married Bloyd, Mahala Emma
    September 8, 1885.

    J. Alan Woods can can verify information with a search of the website:

  3. My husband’s family is intermarried with some Ruddel’s of McDonough Co, IL. They intermarried with the Riggens and McCubbins. Who are Andrew’s parents?

    Wendy Young

  4. I have not been able to view any photos. I have to wonder what program is used to enter them. I only have Word on my computer so the other isn’t avaiable to use.
    The Fischer man may be a brother to my Andrew Fischer. they were born in Ohio, near Canton.

  5. Finally after waiting a long time the photo does show up.
    A man with a pipe to smoke is one thing but the dogs pipe must have been trained with a reward for holding it..cute

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