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Joseph and Adeline Stoliker of Leeds County, Ontario, ca. 1900Contributed by Debbie Demeester
This is a picture of the granddaughters of Joseph and Adeline Stoliker of Leeds County, Ontario, ca. 1900. Bottom right is Blanche “Babe” Stoliker next to her sister Myrtle Ann Stoliker, both children of John and Elizabeth Reed Stoliker. Top left is Eva May Courtney, daughter of Joseph and Mina Stoliker Courtney. Top right is Florence Abigale Stoliker, daughter of Frank and Abigale Haynes Stoliker. Babe was my grandmother and her family eventually settled in Michigan.

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John Minor of Caroline County, VirginiaContributed by Steve Nazigian
This dashing young man is my great-grandfather John Minor who was living in Caroline County, Virginia, when he married my great-grandmother, Blanche H. Penney. Our family tradition describes him as a lumber mill boss who died in the forest while chopping wood after the revolver in his waistband accidentally discharged. Shortly afterwards, his only child, John Arthur Minor, my grandfather, was born in 1897.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I have for a long time, have been getting blank squares where the pictures should be. Today I pushed the comments and low and behold I now get the pictures on the comment sheet. How come?

  2. I would just like to say that you are so blessed to have these pictures, I would love to have just one picture of my grandparents, cherish and protect them.

  3. My father has a middle name of Minor after the doctor, he was born in Igo, King George Co. Va. Some of his family was Caroline Co.

  4. These are my relatives also! Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture! Frank and Abigail Haynes Stoliker are my Great grandparents by their son, Joseph Harrison Stoliker, Florence’s brother. Florence was my father’s favorite Aunt and he called her, “Chauncey”. Thanks Debbie!

    Shon Stoliker Halacka

  5. Hi Steve,
    I have been way behind in getting my newsletters read (memorized) this summer and almost deleted this one with the dashing picture of John Minor. What a lovely surprise! We share a common ancestor as James Christopher Minor and his wife Elizabeth Carnes Guthrie were my maternal ggg grandparents. You are from he and his first wife Mikey Thomas with whom he had seven children and I am from his second wife Elizabeth with whom he also had seven children. Thanks so much for posting.
    Sincerely, Rosie

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