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Maria and Antonio Buchicchio, ca. 1912, Chicago, IllinoisContributed by Nick Colagrossi
Here is a picture of my grandparents, Maria and Antonio Buchicchio. I have been told this picture was taken around 1912 in Chicago, two years after they came to America.

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Andrew A. and Laura Annie MitchellContributed by Charles Hines                       
These are my great-grandparents, Andrew A. and Laura Annie Mitchell. He was born in 1849 in Texas and she was born in 1844 in South Carolina.

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  1. Nick,
    I’m betting that your grandmother came from Sicily and that your name is short for Domenic. Am I right?

  2. Charles Hines – the photo of your great grandparents is full of character, even pathos and like so many of our struggling ancestors. What are their ethnic backgrounds? Is he, by chance, Scotch Irish?

  3. Maria Buchicchio looks very angry in this photograph, I wonder what was going through her mind at the time.

  4. If looks could kill, I think that Maria Buchicchio’s look could have killed the photographer and judging by Antonio’s demeanor, I believe he was expecting Maria to give him a hard time, when he go home.

  5. Don’t forget those angry looks, sad or staring looks could come from sitting in front of the photographer for a long time. Photography was not the same in those days as today. The people having portraits made had to get dressed up and sit for a long time with just the right pose; we too might look just as angry or tired as they did.

    I love the old pictures that bring people to life.

    Janelle Warden

  6. Where did they settle as a married couple. I have several Annie Mitchell’s on my grandmother’s side.

  7. In the Ancestry weekly journal, the captions for the photos are there but not the pictures.

  8. There was a mistake in this posting. He was born in Tenn.
    Sorry for the trouble

  9. I am new at this. I guess all these mistakes aren’t doing any good. A. A. Mitchell was born in Tenn.

  10. For Terry B.
    These Mitchell’lived in Wanette, Ok. then he sold the farm and moved to Alice Tx. They had a daughter named Annie that married a Rid Davis and lived in Tom Bean, Grayson County Tx.

  11. Follow up on Maria.
    Shirley :SHE WAS BORN IN a small town called Baragiano , in the region of Basilicata . My real first name is Nicola .

    Monica :question #4 & 5,Maria has the typical look for Italians ,of that time. They came to America in 1910 , she lost a 1 year old child to fever in 1911 , being poor and confused can add alot of stress to your life . Nothing to smile about here.

  12. Mr. Nick Colagrossi, my grandfather called Antonio (Anthony) Buchicchio,and was of Baragiano,the sister of my grandfather called Maria we are relatives?

  13. My grandfather called Antonio (Anthony) Buchicchio,and was of a small town called Baragiano,the sister of my grandfather called Maria For the one who wants to contact me, my

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