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Anna Hanna Kuntz, at age eighteen in 1893.Contributed by Bob Pfeifer
Attached is a picture of my grandmother, Anna Hanna Kuntz, at age eighteen in 1893.

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William Taylor. William moved from Lancashire to Manayunk, Pennsylvania Contributed by John E. Taylor
I believe this picture to be of my great-grandfather, William Taylor. William moved from Lancashire to Manayunk, Pennsylvania with his brother-in-law, Thomas Thomasson, around 1862–the time of the cotton famine. William was deaf and dumb from childhood and was still in Manayunk in 1870 but married in 1874 back in England.

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  1. I too, have a Cuntz/Kuntz/Kuhns family and wonder if this woman could also be part of my tree. Do you know who her husband was, children, etc. If so, please write to me.


  2. I recall seeing several Kuntz markers in a cemetery in northwestern Illinois and was wondering if Anna’s family was related to this area of Muellers, Attigs, Zanters, Schmidts, and Leonhardts. I would love to exchange information!

    Kimberly (

  3. I had an uncle by marriage, Karl Kuntz, born in Oklahoma, but his mother Louisa Smith was born in Illinois. I’ve been unable to find a father’s name, yet, but must assume that he was also from Illinois. I knew his mother when she was quite elderly living in Mena, Arkansas. She told me about riding with her then husband James M Wingo and son Karl during the Oklahoma landrush. I have found them both on the 1870 and 1910 census. They settled for a while in Lowe Kay, Oklhoma where they were in 1910.

  4. I too have a Kuhns/Kuntz/Koontz connection and would love to compare notes; my ggg-grandfather was Henry Kuhns.

  5. Thank you for publishing your picture. I have a picture of one of my ancestors sitting in a chair just like that but I have not been able to put a date to the picture. Do you know the date your picture was taken? If so I can use that as a guide as the fringe hanging from the chair is probably with in a 5-10 year span.

    John Waight

  6. My mother in laws maiden name was Taylor. would any of your relatives be from wva

  7. In response to juanita leeson’s comment (#6), please could you explain the meaning of ‘wva’. I live near Leeds in England

  8. re: William Taylor photo
    I am researching a Taylor line in Manayunk during the late 1800’s. William TAYLOR, b. 1852 married Elizabeth FAIR, b. 1859. Their children were Bertha, Elizabeth, Helen and Blanche. William may have been the son of James H. TAYLOR and Martha. Do you have any information on the family?

  9. My William Taylor was b 1842 and was back in England in 1874 when he married Sarah Jane STATHAM, so sadly we do not have a match. In 1870, William was living in Manayunk with his sister Alice who was married to Thomas Thomasson. I have traced their family as far as the 1930 Census: Lucille T Noel b Jan 1918 and her sister Mildred J Noel b Nov 1919, living in Pottstown, Montgomery PA – my generation, although somewhat older. I would like to trace them but am not sure how to go about it. I still do not know the meaning of ‘wva’ (Comment 6) – help would be appreciated. I think the father of Lucille and Mildred, William B. Noel, was born in Virginia in 1888 (1920 Census)

  10. John, the meaning for wva is West Virginia. I too have some Taylors in my ancestral line but have only just begun looking for them and do not have many dates or names. I do know there was a Polly Ward who married my one of my Grandfathers but as I said I haven’t gotten into all of that yet.

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