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George D. Tucker, died in the Confederate Hospital, Austin, Texas, December 1900Contributed by Sandra Wortham
This is a picture of my great-great grandfather, George D. Tucker, who died in the Confederate Hospital, Austin, Texas, December 1900; per census reports he was born in Mississippi or Alabama and birth year 1822-31 per various documents.

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Celeste Tonidandel, and her grandmother, Luisa Santoro Guido, ca. 1906 in ChicagoContributed by Kit Brunck
This is a photo of my grandmother, Celeste Tonidandel, at about age eight, and her grandmother, Luisa Santoro Guido, taken about 1906 in Chicago.

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  1. For Sandra Wortham: I did not know a Confederate Hospital was in Austin in 1900…. I went to school there at UT, 1962-65, before returning to USN submarine duty commission & three years in SE Asia/VietNam. Do you know when the hospital closed? It is an interesting hospital since the CSA ceased governing in 1865; I guess the state supplied health services to those in uniform during the CSA years.

    Your last name caught my attention, then the birth dates for your grandfather… sounds like he was in his 30’s during CSA service. That was very mature for the men in grey, wasn’t it?

    My grandfather’s father, David O’Neal, served in a Louisana Regiment; his application for pension (from a then non-existant government) around the turn of century, 1900, provides some interesting comments in letter by an ‘ole campmate’ from the Regiment.

    Some of our Wortham family served on each side, like many families experienced during the war between the states. I do not have a good read re: my immediate family line who lived in McLennon County, Texas, during the 1860-65 years (from best evidence). Was there a ‘draft’ for CSA in Texas? Were some of our families ‘draft-dodgers’ or represented by purchased alternatives? That probably is Wortham stuff uninteresting to your Tucker family line….

    Thank you for sharing your family photo, Tom Wortham

  2. For Kit Brunck~~~ Thanks for sharing that amazing photo; lucky you to have a photo of ‘your’ grandmother with ‘her’ grandmother!!

    Millie Russoniello

  3. My husband’s great-grandfather was admitted to the Confederate Home in Austin, TX in 1921. He served from 1862-1863 in Co. B, Kirby’s Battalion, 16th Infantry. We have a newspaper article where he celebrated his 100th birthday at the Confederate Home in 1941 and died there February 18th, 1942. He is buried in the Texas State Cemetery. I even have a picture of the Confederate Home that I got from the Archives in Austin, however it doesn’t have a date on it.

  4. For Kit Brunck—
    My husband’s father, Joseph Guido was born in 1885 near Cozenza, Italy. He grew up in Brazil and came to this country as a young adult. He lived in the Italian neighborhood of Chicago. I do know that some of his brothers emigrated from Brazil to the USA, too. I think that his Mother’s name was Lucy. Could your great grand-mother, Luisa Guido be Lucy? or
    somehow related? The dates, places and ethnicity are the same.
    Marguerite Guido

  5. To Marguerite Guido: Yes,we are related.My Mother knew your husband’s father(and mother),and your husband’s siblings.Luisa is their mother.Please write.

  6. To Kit Brunck- I have been trying to figure out how I contact you, with no luck. So, I have written a letter to Generations Network, Inc., customer service and asked them how I contact you.
    Gave them my e-mail and told them it was fine to give to you.
    I am very new at this genealogy thing but am excited to talk to you.

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