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Here are a couple more photos I’ve received that won’t fit in the Journal, but are too good to pass up.  Click on the images to enlarge them. –j.  Almira Jane Coleman Kennedy in 1929.

Contributed by Bill Kennedy, Chicago, Illinois
This is a photograph of my grandmother, Almira Jane Coleman Kennedy in 1929.


Kathryn Ellen Kenady, farm outside Butler, Bates County, Missouri, 1925Contributed by Richard Cutter, Monte Vista, Colorado
This is a photo of my mother, Kathryn Ellen Kenady, at the family farm in the summer of 1925. She lived in Kansas City but spent the summer with her uncle and aunt at a farm outside Butler, Bates County, Missouri that her great-grandfather, Isaac Kenady, opened in 1845. This was her favorite photo of her youth.

3 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. The photo of Almira should be a keeper. Having presented historical programs for years and trying to break the idea that women only sat at home and worked, photos like these always gave the kids a whole new outlook on a woman’s life. If the other photo was your mother’s favorite, it should be a keeper also. It gives insight into her personality and a side of herself that perhaps she longed for.
    Do you have any Philip Kenady’s living in Texas in your family tree? He married Fanny Bean and lived in Beaumont, TX. I’ve got a couple of pictures of him and his grocery store there. Thanks for sharing your photos. Elizabeth

  2. I love these pictures. Would your Kennedys contect to the Mississippi Kennedys.

  3. I love both of your pictures!! The first one reminds me of my husbands mother who rode horses and went to a dude ranch each summer for vacation. In fact Almira looks very much like her. The second picture is special too as I am a doll collector and I also collect pictures of children with dolls. These were great to see. They make me smile 🙂

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