Tips from the Pros: Russian Research, from George G. Morgan

If you are of Russian descent and have encountered little of substance in the resources on the Internet, you will be pleased to visit the Researching Russian Roots site. Here you will find introductory articles concerning how to start your Russian family history research, links to message boards, an extensive list of links to archives in Russia and their mailing/e-mail addresses, details and links for research in Ukraine and Belarus, some individual family trees, and a vast compilation of other Web links in the U.S. Some sites are in Russian (Cyrillic), but most of these offer English versions as well. If you’re researching your Russian roots, don’t miss this site.

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2 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Russian Research, from George G. Morgan

  1. On the Russian Roots site, does this also included the Germans taken into Russia along the Volga River during the reign of Katherine the Great???????

  2. My husband’s grandfather came from a part of Russia that now is part of Poland.
    It is said that he made boots for Czar’s army. Is there a way to trace this?

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