Photo Corner: Looking for Antique Car Experts…

071307SoldierCar.bmpHere’s another mystery for our readers to solve. Does anyone know what kind of car this is? Here’s what we know…

How about a picture of an old car that I’m trying to get identified? The man is a serviceman and the picture was taken in 1951 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Doug Burnett
Satellite Beach FL

 Oop, I forgot to post the photo on the first run through! Sorry ’bout that! 😉

6 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Looking for Antique Car Experts…

  1. Photo Corner and Doug,
    Like Jack (comment 13 July), I can never see the mystery pictures. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Looking for Antique Car Experts………….I found an antique car club on a google search that helped me to settle my vintage car of 1914-1914 as a Willys Overland Touring Automobile. This photo was found in a Warden family collection of pictures. Today I still do not know who the gentleman is seated in the front with the chauffeur. The couple in the back is Grandfather George and Grandmother Belle Shreve Nunez Warden. I want to say he is a Nunez ’cause he looks very Jewish.

    Janelle Warden
    Satellite Beach, FL

  3. Maybe it is a ’32 or 33′ Ford. The license plate is interesting – looks like it could end in America.

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