Who Am I? Hansen family? Poulsen?

Ruth Palmer-Hanson Family_edited-1.bmpSorry for the lapse this week, but with the holiday and some other projects I’ve been working on, I haven’t had much time to post. Here’s a photo I received this week. Anyone recognize these folks?

This photo was among an envelope of pictures from the family of Hans Hanson and Jensine Poulsen Hanson. My great grandparents on my moms side.There aren’t any names on this one. Was wondering about what year it was taken and if maybe one of your readers might recognize someone in the picture. No one looks familiar to us. It could be the Poulsen side.

Thank You,
Ruth Palmer

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  1. The information on my great grandmother, Josephine Hanson Farman, states b. 1854, Cattaraugus Co., NY, d. 3-14-1936, Niagara Falls, NY.

  2. do you what country this photo was taken in?

    the little boy’s double-breasted jacket and middie (sailor) collar suggests the early 1900’s.

  3. My grandmother was Poulson with an “O” from Doylestown, Pa. I was wondering if there could be a connection here? She married Harry Wiese about 1906. Lived in Trenton, N.J. after that.Oh, her name was Lucy Emily Poulson Wiese.

  4. If this picture is of the Poulsen family, it was taken in Denmark. If it is the Hanson family, it was taken in Kansas. Unless it is of Hanson family that remained in Denmark.
    As far as I know, there have been no one in the Poulsen family that moved to America except for my Great Grandmother, Jensine Poulsen Hanson.

  5. Josephine Hanson Farman (1854-1936, Niagara Falls, NY) was the wife of Alexander Farman, daughter of Nicholas van Slyke Hanson & Catherine Davis, gr. daughter of Cornelius & Magdalena (Wood) Hanson. Cornelius was the son of Richard & Maria (Butler) Hanson who was the son of Nicholas & Engeltje (Barentse) Hanson. Nicholas was the son of Hendrick & Deborah (van Dam)Hanson & Hendrick was the son of Hans Hendrick & Effie (Meyer) Hanson. They were mostly in the Schenectady & Albany areas of New York & connected with the Dutch Reformed Churches in those areas. I’m under the impression they were from Norway.

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