Photo Corner: Clegg family, England, 1900

Clegg family 1900.bmpThis is a photo of my Grandfather’s family in England. I also have a picture of Fred Clegg just before he enlisted in the British Army in WWI.  Fred was killed in that war. This family group was proficient in portraits.  I have six to ten other pictures from the same era featuring the children grown.

I have also enclosed a map of the family members.

Thomas H. Clegg

  1. Godfrey Moore Clegg, 1865-1916, aged around 35
  2. Ellen Chadwick Clegg, 1865-1935, aged around 35
  3. John Clegg, 1888-1956, aged around 12
  4. Eliza “Cis” Clegg, 1889-1955, aged around 11Clegg family photo map.bmp
  5. Florrie “Lolly” Clegg, 1890-1974, aged around 10
  6. Fred Clegg, 1892-1917, aged around 8
  7. Alice Clegg, 1899-1974, aged around 12 months
  8. Thomas Clegg, 1896-1938, aged around 4
  9. Willie Clegg, 1894-1962, aged around 6


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3 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Clegg family, England, 1900

  1. Hi Thomas,
    What regiment was he in ,and where was he killed?
    Reason being, my wife’s Grandfather’s brother was kia in 1918

  2. Hi Thomas,

    My Great Aunt Mary Annie Clyde married
    Thomas Steven Clegg, a brother Robert and a sister Alice, they were born in Glebe, NSW Australia. Wondering if any relation.

  3. Hi Thomas:

    Great Picture! How did you make the map of the family members? It is really a great Idea for pictures of large families and family gatherings. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks Sherry

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