Photo Corner: Seeking Information on John Bailey

John Bailey familyI received the following request for more information.

I was hoping that you could post this picture on your blog. This is supposedly my great grandfathers brother, John Bailey.  My grandfather was adopted by Hugh B. Douglas and Alice Pope Douglas of Maury County, Tennesse around the age of 3 years old.  Maybe someone will recongize him and be able to give me some information on him and his family.

Thank you,
Tracy Jakob

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5 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Seeking Information on John Bailey

  1. I have a John Bailey in my tree. He married Louisa Graham. She was from Wisconsin. Her family moved to Iowa when she was 8 yrs old. So I’m assuming they met and married there. John was from West Chester Co., Pa. Their very blond and beautiful daughter Ida Luella Bailey married Frank Leslie Niece. In the picture I see blond girls and the woman could very well be Louisa Graham. I have a picture of her that would be older but that could sure be her in her younger days. Johns middle name was William. I don’t have all my notes on this line at my fingertips right this minute but contact me and I’ll look and see if there is any mention of an adopted brother. But do look in Pensylvania for the Bailey’s .Happy Hunting Darlene

  2. Do you know your GGrandfathers name? Or the years you are looking for? Darlene

  3. My grandfathers name as we know it is Charles Alexander Douglas of Maury County Tennessee. We have pictures with the last name of Dugger and Bailey on them also.

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