Your Quick Tips, 11 June 2007

BBC Timelines
The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has an interesting website. I have used information from the site to make several timelines to include in my family history. This website also has a family history section related to British research. I hope this helps people outside the UK with their research.

Good Hunting!!
Adrianne Harker

Reunions Great for Identifying Old Photos
I took some computer-made copies of some group photos to our last family reunion. They were of my husband’s family, but we did not know who the people were. Turns out, we not only got everyone’s name but about how old they were. I then gave the copies to the person who identified the most individuals. I wrote down the names for my files and will be doing it again next fall.
Margaret A. Vaughn

Memorial Cards
My family started the tradition of creating memory cards for family members in the late 60s. On the front side is a photograph, the date of birth and the date they passed on, along with their full name. The inside left is a little history of the family with names, and who went before them, etc. On the inside right of the card is a small list of what took place at the service (e.g., music, etc.). On the back of the card is the cemetery they were buried in, and now I’m adding lot, section, and row number as well.

When my mom passed away, I was young, and my aunt made all the arrangements. When I got older, I noticed a card was not created for her, nor was one created for my grandfather.

Since I’ve been doing our family history, I decided to make my own memory programs for those family members that didn’t have one. I make enough to pass out to members of our family. My sisters and brothers loved the one I created for my mom, as did her grandchildren.

I now also include a little family history for each member on the program. I put what I knew about them, their favorite song, what they liked doing, recipes, etc. On the back, I put what states they lived in, who their kids are, etc. This is almost like a little family history for our loved one who has passed on.

So far my family loves them and they are keeping them in a special book for their future kids.


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  1. I just subscribed to this week and just finished reading your article! I am going to implement this into my genealogy work, and it definitely will be a part of family get-togethers from now on.

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