Who Am I?

Mary Thompson or Mary Pedrick?Here’s this week’s mystery photograph: 

This tin type was discovered among family papers. I believe she is Mary Elizabeth Thompson Pedrick, born in Massachusetts, abt 1848, daughter of the Rev. John Thompson. Mary E.Thompson married Daniel Hand Pedrick in New Jersey. Or is she Mary Ann the wife of John Thompson? Does anyone out there have any information as to who our mystery ancestor is?

Kathleen Stumpf

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. She looks like she’s about 17-20 to me. I don’t see a wedding ring on, so she was probably unmarried at the time. I have a photo book by a lady that gives hints on how to tell more about the photo (style clothes, frame, backdrop, etc). I can’t locate it at the moment but can proably come up with the title and author on request. I supsect that her hands are fairly large implying that she was a working girl or woman which may help you to choose between the two. Maybe another reader has seen that backdrop on one of their photos that they can accurately date.

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