Who Am I? Ohio Farm Family

Here’s another mystery photograph that was sent in. Anyone recognize these folks?

Ohio Farm Family (Possibly Mackey, Winland, Harmon, Conger, Bartimus, or Milligan.)I am sending this photo to you in the hopes that someone might identify it? This is one of those post card type photos and it was found in my great-grandparents family Bible.  The lady (mother?) in the picture resembles my great-grandmother Margaret Isabelle Mackey Milligan. 

Margaret Isabelle (“Belle”)  and her husband moved from Monroe Co., Ohio to Sullivan County, Missouri around 1902, as did their grown children. I have filled out the family lines on all of Belle’s sisters and I just can’t quite put them into this picture (according to ages of children, number of children, etc.) 

This has stumped me for years and I have even veered off the track and thought maybe she wasn’t even related to my great-grandmother at all and the resemblence is just a coincidence!  Or maybe she is a first cousin?

Above the door is a sign that says “Ohio Farmer” that is visible in the original.  There are no clues  on the back to names other than the personal note, possibly by the father in the photo, to my great-grandfather Frank Milligan. It says “Frank, Here’s the hole (sic) dam family, you can put it out in your cornfield to keep the crows away.” 

It must have been inserted in a letter or hand delivered as it didn’t go through the post office.  Some of my Eastern Ohio names are:  Mackey, Winland, Harmon, Conger, Bartimus, as well as Milligan.

Mary Milligan Hillerman of Missouri

3 thoughts on “Who Am I? Ohio Farm Family

  1. Looking at this picture, it seems to me that the young lady standing is perhaps the mother of the little girls, and the seated woman is the grandmother. Perhaps the father of the little girls is the one who took the photo. The young men in the back look like brothers. Or the little ones could be orphans from another deceased sibling.

  2. We are probably relatives. I’ll show this picture to my grandma. My grandmother’s maiden name is Winland and I am from Monroe Co. Ohio (I live in Columbus now). But the picture actually does look familar and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

  3. I also know people of the last name Harmon and Conger as well. Since these people are from a small country town, it is almost 100% likely that they are direct descendants.

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