Group Photo: The Henry Family

The Henry Family

My apologies for the long silence this week. With the shorter work week, I have to cram everything into four days, and some back problems have made it difficult to get a lot done. (Like Bette Davis once said, “Getting old isn’t for sissies,” eh? 😉 ) 

Anyway, here is another group photo I’ve received. It’s a beautiful photograph and I would have had to crop it to make it fit in the newsletter, and I just didn’t have the heart.  Thanks to Dr. Henry for sharing it with us!


Contributed by Dr. William H. Henry, Jr., Oxnard, California
This is a photograph of the Henry family: William Herbert Henry, M.D. (1872-1963), Ziba Lindley Henry, M.D. (1872-1955), Francis Beardsley Henry (1880-1963), John Lindley Henry, M.D. (1866-1934), and seated, Kate Lindley Henry (1842-1900), and Charles Henry (1842-1926).

7 thoughts on “Group Photo: The Henry Family

  1. Could you send a copy that could be enlarged? My inlaws are Henry’s and these folk look like them. If I could see the pic better I might connect them with you.

  2. I saved the article to My documents and it comes up in a format that you can get an 8×11 enlargement. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Mary:

    If you right click (Microsoft XL) on the photo, a box will appear with a list of selections. Click on the one that says: “Save Picture As”. Save the photo in My Documents and start the title of the file with HENRY.

    I did it and enalrged the photo (PhotoShop) over 300% and the photo was just on the verge of breaking up into pixels. You could still see features on the faceses of each person.

    You can use any photo editor to load the saved “Henry” file.

    Good Luck, Jack Novicki

  4. Response to Mary. I just dragged the photo to my desk top; then when I clicked on it, it was enlarged. Alice

  5. Hi Alice:
    Nice solution. I did not know you could do this.
    Thanks, Jack Novicki

  6. I am a Zambian with this family name of Ziba which I am proud of because it’s even in the Bible and would like to connect with anyone throughout the world with the same surname of Ziba.
    I live in Zambia. My contact: Mobile phone +260 977 809199 or +260 977 872522, email:
    Thanx, let the Zibas talk!

  7. Great Picture. I have a lot of my Great Grandfather Ziba. He was a Army surgen on Angel Island durring the depression while his son Frank B. Henry (my Grandfather)was an Engineer on the Golden Gate Bridge. While Ziba was a Leiutenant he served with Pershing while he chased Pancho Villa threw Mexico.

    Timothy J. Henry

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