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First Lieut. Howard C. Mayberry, Sr. and his father, George Alexander Mayberry Contributed by Howard C. Mayberry, Jr., Louisville, Kentucky
On the left, my father, First Lieut. Howard C. Mayberry, Sr. (1892-1957) prior to his departure for France with the American Expeditionary Force in WWI. On the left is his father, George Alexander Mayberry (1861-1938). The second star on the banner is for another son, Alexander Lenard Mayberry.

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Alvin Reese (Claude Alvin Reese, 1941-42Contributed by Judy Linenfelser
This is a picture of my uncle Alvin Reese (Claude Alvin Reese) in full uniform. This picture was taken about 1941-42. He was born 10 Jul 1914 in Marshall, Texas, and in WWII was declared missing around 1 Oct 1944 near New Guinea. He was later declared dead without his body ever being found. He was my mother’s only brother and was the son of Claud Reese and Lillian Ruth Crowell. He never married. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on 11 Feb 1941 in Dallas, Texas. He spent some time at Ft. Benning, Georgia and then was shipped overseas to New Guinea.

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  1. The ancestor photos did not print on this edition of the Weekly Journal.

  2. I have a George Mayberry in my genenealogy that I have been unable to trace. He was born ca. 1860 probably in Sangamon County, Illinois. I found him in the 1880 census in Ottumwa, Wapello County, Iowa. If any of this sounds familiar please contact me. Related or not it’a a great picture.

  3. This photo really hit home for me. We owe a great deal to a lot of brave men and women who sacrificed everything for our country. It is families like yours that we owe so much to and should say “thanks” to every time we can! I love the family photos that appear with each edition.

    Duane Fiorini

  4. I was so surprised and happy to see my Uncle Alvin’s picture on this newsletter! How so very appropriate for Memorial Day! Today, Memorial Day, I went over his war papers which his parents had saved all these years, and found out he received a Combat Infantryman Badge for the Central Pacific Campaign (CIB)and a Bronze Star for the New Guinea Campaign. Then in 1947 the authorities decided that the CIB is worthy of being a Bronze Star,and because he already had a Bronze Star, he was awarded the oak leaf cluster for the 2nd Bronze Star. Also, while browsing around on’s military site for additional information on Alvin, I found out that his name is inscribed in a memorial at Ft. McKinley US Cemetery in Manila, Philippines. I was so happy to hear about that. Thank you,, for being the kind of genealogy website you are!

    Judy Linenfelser

  5. I really appreciate this site.I am so happy to see the photos that others who have photos of ancestors when I have none from my mother’s family named Yuras.Photos are a treasure to hand down to the future generations.

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