Weekly Planner: Look for Males Who Were Eligible to Serve in the Military

Military records can contain details that may help you move your research forward. Browse your family tree for males who would have been of an age to serve during military conflicts, including siblings and other collateral relatives. Use age as a guideline, but bear in mind that many men “fudged” a little to get accepted into the service of their country–some older, and some younger. Most family history programs include the option to sort your family database index by date of birth, making this task an easy one.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Look for Males Who Were Eligible to Serve in the Military

  1. Although I didn’t do well in the Revolutionary War, I did find my grandfather and an uncle in the World War II database!

  2. Cannot find my uncles in world war 11 which they survived. Please let me know if the millions of names for world war 11, Korea, and later are just of casualties, prisons of war, etc., but not survivors. It would same me frustration from searching and searching.

  3. For the records available on Ancestry, what dates of birth should I include in my search?

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