Who Am I?

Earlier this month, we posted some photographs from Kathy Strine that she found in the family collection, but she’s not sure how they tie in with her lines. She wrote,

From all I can discern (as they wrote in old German) the cards were from Maria and that she spoke of John, Jacob and Lorek, apparantly the father, plus a new baby that she mentions as Hermine….Some of the cards are dated 1920 and the ones I have are addressed to Mrs Rudolf Bleidl.  And the cards say from Maria and mother and the rest of us. 

Here are a few more photographs with a bit more information. Extended family

From all indications, this appears to be the whole family of husband and wife with the grandparents and her brother and children.

Elizabeth TabithaThere are some words on each corner of this photo so that appear to say  Elizabeth Tabitha, but I am guessing.

Click on the photographs to enlarge them. Click here to see more pictures from this collection and to learn more about them.


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