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Edna Leona (Grimes) Crosby, 1897-1983Contributed by Sandra Shepheard
This is a picture of my grandmother, Edna Leona (Grimes) Crosby, 1897-1983. It was probably taken about 1900 in Boston, MA. It is one of my favorite pictures of her.

Willard Warner family, 1917, MichiganContributed by Patti
The woman in the back is my great-great grandmother, Flossie Fern (nee Millhouse) Warner, and the man is my great-great grandfather, Willard Warner, 1917 in Michigan. The younger gal is my grandmother, Helen Nan Corliss, and her little brother Robert Warner.

11 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I love these old photos, I have some of my own ancestors just like this. No smiles,(Maybe this family has just received WW1 conscription papers.)
    Jokes aside, I always wonder about these people and their circemstances when the photos were taken.
    Cheers from Australia.

  2. Robert Fyfe wondered about the people in old photos not smiling. He may have noticed also that the older the photo, the grimmer they seem. The reason is that most old photos were time exposure shots and the photographer asked the folks to not move. For the earliest photos, the photographer actually placed a device behind the subject’s neck to insure the head would not move!

  3. My new favorite feature of the Weekly Journal is the Photo Corner. It is the first thing I look at each week. This photo of Edna is one of the most precious pictures I have ever seen!

  4. I love it!!! it was a blessing to see your pics.
    Thank you for sharing and for me was an ispiration to give a little push to search more about my ancestry.

  5. I absolutely love this photo. She is so beautiful. So much care taken when posing for photos – every detail so precise.
    I look forward to photo corner see what beautiful photos are there.

  6. so great to see what my bro submitted & how interested he is in our family history. Our mom is the twin, Rita Barrett Wiesnet.

  7. The Warner family picture is great.. Patti.. Is Willard a descendant of Wareham Warner of Albion, Michigan? The Willard Warner that I know of owned racehorses and a racetrack in Albion. If these are the same people than we are distant cousins. Thank you for the great picture. Linda Jeffries

  8. My grandfather listed
    Evaline Warner as his Mother. Does the name mean anything to Patti. Henry Benton is the father’s name and my grandfathers name was Richard Carlton Benton and these people lived in eastern/southeastern WI. A lady named Mary Hilliker Jackson later married a Albert Warner who was 10 years younger than her.

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