Tips from the Pros: Read the Area Newspapers Before You Go, from Paula Stuart Warren, CG

Some of you will be traveling this summer in order to do some family history research. Of course, we should check the websites of the libraries, archives, cities, counties, and states we will be visiting. But also, well in advance of your trip, do some online reading of the newspaper for that area. There might be a festival or other event you wish to attend. Perhaps the event is so large there will not be any motel rooms available unless you make reservations well in advance.
Maybe you are going to a seminar, conference, or Elderhostel. Read the newspapers for that area, too. Most of these newspaper sites request that you register to read it online, but rarely is there a cost for current news. Some of these places still have more than one newspaper. The quickest way is to type the city name and the word “newspaper” into a search engine. Some examples from places you may be traveling this summer:

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2 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Read the Area Newspapers Before You Go, from Paula Stuart Warren, CG

  1. Another wonderful link is:
    Newslink covers tv and radio stations as well as daily and weekly newspapers. This is broken down by state and country. It is easy straightforward to use.

  2. The newspaper list I use on a regular basis:

    This list is for Newspapers in the United States. Each State is listed and then newspapers by town or county. It also provides a link to National News, Zip codes, USPS tracking, U.S. Senators, Congress, and Chambers of Commerce.

    Happy Ancestoring

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