Group Photo: Flood of 1913, Wayne County, Indiana

Flood of 1913, Wayne County, Indiana, Baker houseI receive a lot of photo submissions of larger groups. Unfortunately, I can’t always fit these larger photographs into the spaces provided in the newsletter, so I’m going to begin posting some of these photographs online and linking to them in the Photo Corner so that more people can enjoy them.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted photographs. I am going to be doubling my efforts to post more of them on the blog, so if you haven’t seen yours yet, hopefully I’ll get to it soon!

I felt this picture was appropriate due to the recent stories of natural disasters.  The picture was taken during the 1913 flood.  The picture was taken in Wayne Co., IN (I think Middleboro) on the Ohio/Indiana border (now I-70).  My great grandfather, George Harrison BAKER is on the horse and my grandmother, Maud Anna BAKER is second from the left, she was 13 years old.  My great father’s house was on a hill so friends and family flocked to his house to stay dry. 
Brenda Kerr

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3 thoughts on “Group Photo: Flood of 1913, Wayne County, Indiana

  1. What does one do with all the “extra” info we collect? Especially the stuff ewvery one tells you,but you can’t really publish because it would hurt the living, but it seems necceary to record it somewher. Do you keep seperat records? I know so much stuff about my Mother’s family that everyone has asked me not to tell anyone, and I’m just dying to share it.

  2. I also have the same sort of info. A good geneologist should chuckle and keep it to themselves. Let the following history diggers find it when all are long gone.

    Would you want your dirty laundry aired?

  3. I think that each of us finds a certain amount of (gossip); be it fact, a good guess about someone, or an angered family member saying something hurtful and possibly untrue about another. I keep a file marked “family gossip” just for my records and NEVER put any of it into print in my actual genealogical records.

    We need to respect each and every person that we list in our family histories. After all, how would you feel if some unkind words were written about you for all to see?

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