Who Am I?

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I feel compelled to send you this picture in the hope I can return it to his family. It is smaller, I enlarged it 25%. On the back is written “for Carol” maybe with two r’s but this is not easy to determine. I may have bought it in Massachusetts.

Nancy Vanderhoeven.jpgI also bought this framed picture of this lovely girl (in Maine I think) late eighties for $ 3.00. I’d also like to return this to her family. I tried to find more on the photographer on line, but I was not succesful. His name: Davis Eickemeijer (I think). On the back of the frame there is a sticker of the framer W.Palmer East  The Warburton Ave. Book and Art store, Yonkers, N.Y.

Nancy Vanderhoeven
Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

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