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I am in the process of going through the hundreds of photos that readers have sent in throughout the past year and have found quite a few that people have bought at auctions or garages sales, or found in their own collection, but that are unidentified or orphans belonging to another family.  I’m starting a Who Am I? section of the blog where I’ll periodically post photos that need to be identified.

If you’d like to submit a photo, please send me all the information you have on it, and the photograph (of course!) as an attachment. I’ll try to make this a weekly event.

I have also received a number of beautiful photographs that, because of the shape or some other reason, I cannot fit in the newsletter. So I’m going to try to post a few of them each week as well. I have quite a backlog and we’ve already made several family connections through the Photo Corner.

So without further ado, I give you today’s Who Am I? photos, along with the messages that came with them. Click on the images to enlarge them.

JulianaMystery woman, possibly from Noxubee County, Mississippi

I would really like to know who this woman is. I found her in the papers of a deceased relative. That relative’s parents (Lewis Carpenter and Minnie Nicholson Carpenter) came from West Point (Noxubee County), Mississippi and settled in Chicago in the early 1900s.

Sharon Morgan


Janice Abrams.jpgThis is a photo we have had for a very long time.  Our family surnames are Kreuder/Philips and I am pretty sure she would have one of those surnames. I was  wondering if you placed her in your newsletter if someone might recognize her or date the photo according to her dress.  To me it looks like her wedding day. My GrandFather’s family was from Germany and my Grandmother’s  from Ireland & England.  I can trace the Philips back quite a ways and the family lived in Baltimore , Maryland and some eventually moved to New York.  The Kreuders were from Hessen, Darmstadt, Germany and I know that my G.G.Grandparents were married in Alsfeld, Germany and my G.G.G. Grandparents also were married in Germany.  They also eventually moved to New York. So I am pretty sure this picture is from one of those families. 
Thank you for your time,
Janice Abrams
Long Island, New York

Was reading the AWJ and seeing the pictures reminded me of a photo found with one of my Grandparents things. I don’t Unknown, possibly from from the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germanyknow who they are or if they are relations but I thought the outfits they were wearing unique.  My main point in sending the photo was to determine if the outfits had any particular significance, perhaps one of your readers can help.  The Grandparent was from the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Robert Baehr

From Ochs family, IndianaThis photo was in an old frame that was given to me about 15 years ago. It was from an estate sale in Central Indiana. I was told the lady in the picture is from the Ochs family (pronounced oaks). They were a prominent family who made their money in the paper industry. I’d like to return it to the Ochs family. Can anyone identify this young lady?
Becky Kincaid



14 thoughts on “Who Am I? Photos

  1. What a great idea. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of photos submitted, I think everybody has some unidentified pictures. I have a cartes de visite album from my Rockwell line that I inherited. In the beginning only a couple were identified (written on the back), but over the years I’ve found out who some of the others are, but there are still plenty to work on.

  2. It would be fun to hear about the “connections” that have been made through this blog. Would that be possible?

    This is great!!


  3. Wonderful idea! I get so sad seeing family photos for sale at various places online like ebay and now some scrapbooking sites. I am in search of missing family photos and would hope that people would try to share or find the true owners. 🙂

  4. What a great idea, I’m sure many of those of us who have “stacks” of unknowns will get help from sharing information found in other pictures. Of course all”the sleeping babies/children” will tug at our hearts, as we may find out who these little angels are. Thank you all for the great sites you share. Julie

  5. I love this feature, I enjoy looking at old pictures and the thought that you may find out who some of them are is great. I will have to get some of mine out. Thank you Sharon

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, Now we have an outlet to help us identify these old photos that all of us possess but can’t seem to put names to. It should teach us to label all our photos for future generations.

  7. Julianna,

    What a wonderful idea! Would you like the photos scanned in a certain resolution (dpi)?

    This might also be a good opportunity to advise your readers how to identify them (ie: no ballpoint pens) and to store them (no magnetic albums).

    I have been subscribing to ADN/AWN for years.


  8. what a wonderful idea. I had come across many photos of unknow people dating I woild say about the early 40’s
    thanks for the menories

  9. This is a really great idea. I also love to look at old photos. I keep hoping to find a link to one of them. Let us all know if you make any connections.

  10. The last picture, said to be in the Ochs family – I think I may know who that belongs to. A professor I know is named Steve Ochs, and he was born and raised in Indiana, where his family is apparently from. You can contact him at 870-234-0397. Good luck!

  11. Hello i have a few old pictures of family members that i received from my aunt that she no longer remembers due to her age can you please tell me how to submit them to Who Am I. Thank you

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