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Harvey Phillippy and Matilda Brown of Milbach Township, Lebanon Co. Pa.Contributed by Marian A. Boltz
This picture is taken on the wedding day of Harvey Phillippy and Matilda Brown of Milbach Township, Lebanon Co. Pa.  The marriage lasted eleven years until he died, leaving her with five children,  and expecting  a sixth child in four months. Matilda made the best of a tough situation and was always happy, pleasant and a great person–‘cause she was my grandmother! 

Lloyd Arthur Chambers, taken in 1930Contributed by Lucille J. Staugh, Pennsylvania
This is a picture of my father, Lloyd Arthur Chambers, taken in 1930.  He played guitar with the band “The Cookie Dusters.”  He graduated from Westfield, Illinois High School.  He died May 5, 1980.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. How is it the gentleman always had the sitting position back in those days when their wedding photo was taken ?…….I could think of a number of reasons but would really like to know the real one!

  2. I’ve always wondered this myself, but now I think I have the answer that I want to believe any way. The woman is standing so you can see her beautiful dress. I like that explanation.

  3. I have something in common with your handsome ancestors. I just learned that my great grandfather was born in Millbach, Pa. This was listed in his Civil War pension records which I recently received from the Archives. Is there any way I can get in touch with you to discuss this location. Having some problems finding info about this locale online.

  4. I love to see very old pictures. Sometimes when I look at the picture I wonder what thier life was like.

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