2 thoughts on “The Year Was… Summary Updated

  1. I really enjoy and appreciate these articles.

    Will all of these be put into a book or a web site at some point in the future?

    Will you expand it to perhaps the start of the colonial era?

    Will the link to the collection of articles be constant, or will you change it?

    Thanks — Randy

  2. Thanks Randy! Am glad you’re finding these useful. I’ll try to keep updating this page as I add years.

    I will probably try to venture back further, but they get a little tougher to research the further back you go, so early years may be a little lean. I was looking at the list and realized I need to sprinkle in a few more contemporary years as well.

    Right now I’m working on another book project with my mom, and there are no plans at this point to compile these into a book. For now, they’ll probably just stay here on the blog, which is nice because people can add comments, family stories, and memories to them.

    Have a great day!

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