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Lolita Marie Gordon and her brother Leslie Gordon, Contributed by Alice Miceli, Tabernacle, NJ
Attached is a picture of my grandmother, Lolita Marie Gordon, age about four and her brother Leslie Gordon, an infant, living in San Francisco, California. I have been searching for my birth mother for thirty years. I have many pictures of family and have no pictures of my birth mom, but I have one of her mother.

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Captain Everett Melvin Whitehouse of Kennebec, MaineContributed by Leslie Vaughn
This is picture of Captain Everett Melvin Whitehouse. He was born about 1838 in China, Kennebec, Maine. He died 5 Sep 1889 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine. He was married to Harriet Newell Wall on 18 Mar 1863 in China, Kennebec, Maine. They were the parents of ten children born between 1865 and 1885. The youngest, Ralph Waldo Whitehouse (1885-1920), is my husband’s grandfather.
Everett enlisted on 25 April 1861. He was commissioned a lieutenant Co. G 19th Maine on August 25, 1862. He was commissioned a Captain 10 April 1863. He was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness. He was honorably discharged 14 Oct 1864. After the war he was a farmer. More can be found about his military service on and other websites.
This picture was taken after the end of the Civil war. The state of Maine invited all officers who served from Maine to have their portrait taken and provide a copy to the state for their records. I am very grateful for that invitation.

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I wonder why Alice Miceli didn’t give her mother’s name and date of birth. There are enough of us out here to help find her. Even her own mother might turn up. Has she considered giving you more information?

  2. Contributed by Alice Miceli, Tabernacle, NJ
    I have done photo restoration for over 25 years and I am sure sure that the girl in your photo is older than 4 years. You may want to really do some checking there. She looks closer to 6/8. Puperty is not far away. After puberty ages get a little harder.
    Virginia Winn

  3. Didn’t know I could give name. Yes, Lolita is about 5. She was born in 1902 and her brother, Leslie was 4 years younger. My bmother’s name was Lillian Marie Woods and then married name was Maria Hallett. She used alias’.

  4. Alice,Your grandmother and grand uncle were such beautiful children!
    Am really hoping someone will be able to help you,in your
    search for your birth Mom’s picture.Do you have pics of your birth father?

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