Your Quick Tips, 02 April 2007

Mind Your “Vs” and “Ws”
In searching for my Vent ancestors, in areas where I knew they were living, I often could not find them until I remembered an incident that happened to me years ago.

When I was right out of high school, I lived in an apartment behind the home of a lovely Norwegian lady. My nickname is “Vee,” and my maiden name is Vent; my little landlady would call me “Wee Went.” But if she was saying that she and someone else went somewhere, she would say “vee vent.” It was a matter of how they pronounce their letters. I guess I should have told her my name was Wee Went. (Ha-ha!)

Anyhow, my early German ancestors may have pronounced Vent as “Went” or “Wint” in their broken English. I began looking for “Went, Wint, Want” and I began finding my people. We have to think of how they may have pronounced their name to the census enumerator or whomever. Many of these ancestors were illiterate and thus were dependent on the scribe to spell their names. This is the kind of stuff that really makes these searches interesting, isn’t it?

Veniece Vent Lovell

Brand Quilt
My granddaughter wanted a Brand Quilt. As a result I am finishing up on forty quilt blocks using Historical Brands from Big Horn County which I plan to market once it is complete.

Betty J. Schmidt
Author, “Meeteetse–Start of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming 1880-1930”

Obituaries in the Card File
I am a historian but my church secretary thought of this . . . and she has been doing it for years. The church has both a permanent record book and a card file. When a member dies, the secretary attaches the obituary to the back of the card. Just think how helpful that can be when someone calls the church for information about an ancestor!

Roy Howard
Chattanooga, TN

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  1. Roy Howard of Chattanooga, TN commented on how the church secretary kept a card file for death records at the church. The Nevada Public Library at Nevada, Iowa has done this for years. The obit file is not comprehensive but is extensive and the more recent years include the whole of Story County. I’ve found lots of good info there and it’s added to every day.

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