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William Herbert Fyfe, 1870-1959, born in Beechworth, VictoriaContributed by Robert Fyfe, Australia
We are fairly certain this dapper young fellow is William Herbert Fyfe, 1870-1959, born in Beechworth, Victoria, possibly on his wedding day 3 September 1903, Nathalia, Victoria, Australia. Is there anybody out there fashion wise enough to tell me if those clothes are early 1900s?

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Frederick Jerome Bowers, taken during WWII Contributed by Catherine Southworth
This photo of Frederick Jerome Bowers, my father, was taken during WWII while he was stationed in England. He went Scotland and had his photograph taken. He must have been thinking about his McLarty ancestors who came to North Carolina in the 1700s.

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  1. Mr. Fyfe’s suit was evening wear of the early 1900’s. The high collar and bow tie was formal wear.
    Lola G. Abarr-Harris

  2. I concur re style and as I have similar photos of my ancestors which are dated 1890-1900

  3. Regarding the Bowers photo, my 5th great grandmother was Perninah Bowers, born about 1760 in Morris, NJ. Her parents were Lemuel Bowers (Capt.) 1716-1785) and Elizabeth Whittemore b. 1715. Perninah married Stephen W. Conger of Morris, NJ in 1779 who fought in the Revolutionary War. The family moved on to the Carolinas, Tennessee and finally to Missouri. I have not been able to find further information about the Bowers and where they came from. Do you have information that might help me? Thanks. JLS

  4. We have a photo of my husband’s half brothr, Harvey Elmont MOFFAT, taken in the same Seaforth Highlander’s uniform taken when he visited Moffat, Scotland during WWII and was a member of the Army Air Corps during the war. We have it hanging in our den now. He lived 1915-1957. Francis MOFFAT of that ILK was Chief of Clan MOffat Society for several years after been appointed Clan Chieftan by The Lord Lyon after the Clan had been “heidless” for many years. His daughter, Madame Jean Moffat, is now Chieftian of our clan and resides in London with her husband, Robin Gates. What memories it stirred up when I was scrolling down the photos today and realized we had one of the same. In the one we have, Harvey is holding a basket hilt claymore in his left hand, it resting on the ground

  5. Mr. Fyfe’s collar is the same as my great- uncle’s in a posed portrait taken circa 1910 in Newark, New Jersey. The bow-tie is more formal than the tie my great-uncle was wearing in his photo.

  6. Robert Fyre,

    The clothing is definately late 1800s, or early 1900s stlye. If you will send me a larger picture of William Herbert Fyre by email, I will restore the picture for you. No charge, I just like to work on pictures.
    Elvin Pettet

  7. Regarding the Bowers picture: I have a picture of my uncle in exactly the same outfit, posed in front of the exact same castle. He was also stationed in England during WWII. We wondered about the significance of the uniform. Now, I’m thinking that it was “the thing to do” at the time.

  8. Hi Robert,

    I have a photo taken at a double wedding in Nathalia in September of 1903 and would concur this is definately the time frame. Good luck with your future research. I still go home to Nathalia every second weekend.



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