Your Quick Tips, 26 March 2007

Add E-mail Address to Address Labels
I had some return address labels printed with the second line being my e-mail address. I sometimes forget to provide that information. I have my e-mail address on letterhead, but I don’t always write a letter. I only use these labels for genealogy-related items. It also eliminates four lines you might have to fill in on a submission form.


Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
I enjoyed your recent article on “Finding your Ethnic Roots: an Irish Example.” After a year of so of research, we
were able to experience that joy of visiting the actual spot of land where our ancestors came from in Ireland in 1860.

In your article, I was surprised you didn’t mention the Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild website, the group of volunteers that find and provide (for a small fee) copies of immigrant ship manifests.

I located our Grace family immigrants on the Castle Garden website (they came over in 1860), which gave me the name of the ship and the date of arrival in New York. With that info, an ISTG volunteer was able to send me a copy of the handwritten manifest, which gave me details about the family members and confirmed some other records I had found. It’s a great resource.

Ed Daniel

Search by Address
I had trouble recently trying to find a friend’s DeCerbo (or DiCerbo) family in Newburgh, N.Y. in 1930. No luck whatsoever; no matter how I spelled it–DiSerbio, DeCerbeo, Deserbbo.

However, my friend had her grandparents’ address because they still lived in the neighborhood when she was a child and she knew her father had grown up there. With the address, I checked the enumeration district until I found the street and there they were– totally, completely, neatly, and legibly misspelled as DeCerilo and transcribed as misspelled. Sometimes it pays to have an address so save those old letters.
Karen Rich

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  1. I think that putting your e-mail on your address label is a great idea. I do a lot of research on the Lear family and I am constantly sending out letters. However, my handwriting is atrocious so I have my labels printed. I use a local company called Superior Labels ( and they give out free address labels.

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