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Risdon Darracot Gribble, in his Confederate uniformContributed by Barbara Holt Warren, MD, Tucson, Arizona
Attached is a photograph of my great-grandfather, Risdon Darracot Gribble, in his Confederate uniform. He was born 26 April 1836 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and died in Houston, Texas, in 1908. His parents were Joseph Besley Gribble and Margaret James who immigrated to the U.S. from Barnstaple, England, in 1831.

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Margaretha Schwab, age nineteen in 1886 shortly after her arrival in New York from Dirmstein, Bavaria.Contributed by R. Burns
This is my great-grandmother, Margaretha Schwab, taken at age nineteen in 1886 shortly after her arrival in New York from Dirmstein, Bavaria. She married a Mr. Stoffel after her arrival but was widowed and married my great-grandfather, Leopold Friederick Schumann, in 1888.

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  1. I just love the native dress Margaretha Schwab is wearing. My ancestors also come from Bavaria and your photo gave me a wonderful idea as to how the women might have looked when they were in their early teens. Absolutely beautifully handmade. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The native dress is just Gorgeous. Fashion for women at that time were very feminine. Thanks for the picture.
    Did your ancestor come into Castle Garden?

  3. Text below pictures is hard to read. Color has little contrast with white background. OK in text for pictures on 24-7 Family History Circle.

  4. Just a suggestion—the photo corner would be an excellent place to post old photos that we can’t identify and hope someone may recognize them. Just a thought.


  5. My great-great grandmother Elisabeth Speirer/Speyer Bachmann came from Windsheim, Bavaria(Bayern in German)and emigrated to NYC circa 1840. Now I know what she might have worn, and what she might have looked like too, since there is a slight resemblance between Fraulein Schwab and myself around the eyes and mouth!

  6. Barbara, so nice to see our great-grandfather!! I have a copy of that picture also..Do you have any info on Adelaide Lavinia Hodges Gribble..i.e great grandmother? I’ve hit a brick wall. I found the family crypt in Lafayette Cemetary #1 in New Orleans but can’t seem to get past that. Please email me.
    Your Gribble Cousin, Judith (Hattie’s grand daughter)

  7. Judith; I have parents as Lavinia M Hodges and Peter Hodges and I have a photo of a painting of Peter. That is all. How can I contact you?

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