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George Ray Markin, 1887-1957 of Rensselaer, Indiana, ca. 1910-13Contributed by Tom Bakken
This photograph is of my grandfather, George Ray Markin (1887-1957). He was born near Rennselaer, Indiana. I am not exactly sure when the picture was taken, but he looks like he is in his early to mid-twenties; my guess is about 1910-13.

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Lawrence and Irene Bravener-Gehringer, ca. early 1900sContributed by Larry Johnson
This is a photo of Lawrence and Irene Bravener-Gehringer, ca. early 1900s. He was sheriff of Livingston County, Missouri.

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  1. It is interesting to see the picture of Lawrence and Irene Bravener-Gehringer of Livingston County, Mo. They are a nice looking couple. I was born in Chillicothe, Mo, the county seat of Livingston County in 1945. My mother & most of her family was born in nearby Sullivan County. Thanks, Larry

  2. glad to see the pictures. my relatives also came from Linn Co Mo. just next door and since my relative was district attorney for several years they probable knew your relatives. small world. happy hunting

  3. I’m guessing the photo of Lawrence and Irene was taken in the 1930’s. The hairstyle and satin blouse tell me that and the 1930 Howell, Livingston Co, MI census shows they married before 1928 and were ages 21 and 18. When did they move to Missouri?

  4. Livingston County MICHIGAN rather than MISSOURI?? Census records would support this. Also I agree with a previous comment placing this photo in the 1930s–her hairstyle, the marcelle curls, suggested those of the early 1930s to me right away. Mr. Gehringer’s hair and glasses would also seem to be appropriate for this time frame.

  5. Yes, is this Michigan (MI) or Missouri (MO)? I want to use it in a timeline but need to know the correct state.

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