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Gustav Roger von Blucher, born in Denmark 1842, died in Copenhagen 1895Contributed by Christina Blucher-Manning
This is a photo of my great-grandfather, Gustav Roger von Blucher (born in Denmark 1842, died in Copenhagen 1895), in his military uniform. He fought in the American Civil War, having enlisted into the Union Army in Washington D.C. as a 2nd Lieutenant at the age of nineteen.

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Everard Bryant, 21 Apr 1893 in Waldo, Maine, wearing uniform of the fraternal group of the Modern Woodmen of AmericaContributed by Bruce MacDonald, Hanover, Pa.
Everard Bryant was my great-grandfather. He was born on 21 Apr 1893 in Waldo, Maine. In the picture he is wearing a uniform of the fraternal group of the Modern Woodmen of America. The picture was taken in 1921. He would pass away on 30 Jan 1963 in Auburn, Maine.

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  1. I was not aware that there was a uniform for Woodsman of America. Is this the same as Woodsman of the World sd connected with tombstones?

  2. Modern Woodmen and Woodmen of the World are two separate organizations. I go to a monthly dinner in Pinellas Co.FL,with Modern Woodmen members,including my 87 year old mother. I never knew about the uniform,but mom has one of the old ceremonial axes with the MWA on the sides of the axe-head.The axe-head seems to be pewter or some other very lightweight alloy.These axes were distributed at a MWA dinner in Martinsville,IN back in the early 60’s. Thanks for the photo.

  3. This is one of my favorite sections of the weekly publication. It shows how important the preservation of photos is in rounding out the personae of our ancestors. Thanks goodness for digital advancements that allow these to be shared.

  4. I am finally glad to see the last name with von in front of it I was told when I was a little girl to never the proper way to spell our surname which is von Schouggins. A lot of our relatives think that is not so but my grandmother said it was a German name and that is the way it is really spelled.

  5. I have a late 1800’s photo of one of my ancestors wearing a tiny ax pin on his lapel. I always wondered what it symbolized. After seeing Everard Bryant’s picture, I immediately did some searching on the Modern Woodmen (an organization I’ve never heard of) and found that my ancestor was, indeed, wearing one of their pins. Thank you for posting your photo which lead me to solve this mystery!

  6. I have come across a picture of my great uncle’s which show a group of men in uniform standing by a grave and it is titled The Woodsmen Circle, I am looking for any information on this group of men any information would be helpful, thanks Rita Royal

  7. Sorting through some old family photos, I came across about a dozen marked 1916 and 1917 on the reverse. Four show my Dad, Uncle, and Dad’s cousin in uniforms. I know that my Grosvater was a member of the Oddfellows’ Lodge in New Haven, Ct., so assume that this is what the younger men belonged to.

    Dad was born in 1901. The caps are banded. Dad wears white pants, dark coat, and a sword, while both “Otto’s” wear dark pants. Each is wearing a sword. The hats are similar to one above, but in dark colors.

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