Weekly Planner: Start a Photo Swap

scrapbookDo you have unique family photographs that other family members don’t have? Perhaps they have some photographs that you might like as well. Pull out some of your favorite old photographs and make copies to share with family. Send them along with a request that they look through their photo collection with images to reciprocate. Not only will you be sharing your family history and helping to build your own collection, but by disseminating copies of the photographs, you are helping to ensure their preservation.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Start a Photo Swap

  1. This an excellent idea. I had started a photo swap about a month ago and the treasures are starting to flow in. I now have pictures of my wife’s and my great grandparents plus their children. The added benefit has been increased family member interest. Additional family information comes with the photos.

    My technique was to make a card using some the heirloom photos I has previously collected. They called asking who was pictured on the card and the sharing of information continues.

  2. Excellent suggestion.

    I went to a family funeral the other day. I suggested that we swap photo’s. They are much older than me, but if I get a chance to make a duplicate while, I have them with me, then I will.

    — Thali

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