New Publication: Finding Your Mexican Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide

Finding Your Mexican Ancestors, by George and Peggy Ryscamp Ancestry has announced the release of a new publication by George and Peggy Ryscamp for those seeking to learn about their ancestors in Mexico.  Finding Your Mexican Ancestors is essential to any researcher looking to trace their heritage across the Rio Grande. The authors show how easy Mexican American research can be by providing detailed descriptions of parish records, civil records, and other types of records common in Mexico.

This book makes it clear that Mexicans kept very good records, and outlines where to find such resources, and how to use them. In addition, it provides a basic introduction to the Spanish vocabulary researchers are likely to encounter in their research, and includes useful Mexican historical and geographical context.

You can buy Finding Your Mexican Ancestors in the Ancestry Store for $16.95.

3 thoughts on “New Publication: Finding Your Mexican Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide

  1. This book certainly is a great new addition. My problem is, no one in the family knows from where my grandfather came. He wouldn’t say. Therefore, I have no idea where to start looking across the border.

  2. This is just a shot in the dark…Pancho Villa?
    That could be why your grandfather was reluctant to talk. 🙂

  3. Did your grandfather have any siblings? If so, are you able to talk them or to their sons or daughters? If you could get a birth or death certificate for him or for a brother or sister, it would give info regarding their parents. Also, your mom or dad’s birth certificate will have some info. Try the Family History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) in your area. They are very helpful and have a wealth of info. Feel free to ask me questions. I hope this info is helpful.

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