Ancestry Adds Wisconsin State Censuses for 1895 and 1905–Index and Images

Wisconsin State Census 1905-.jpgAncestry has posted the 1895 and 1905 Wisconsin State Censuses to its collection. Both indexes include links to images of the census records.

The 1895 Wisconsin State Census only lists the head of household by name, and lists the number of males and the number of females, as well as the number of U.S. born residents in the houshold.

The 1905 Wisconsin State Census lists all members of the household and also adds:

  • Relationship to head of household
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Birthplace
  • Parents’ birthplace
  • Occupation
  • Months employed
  • Home ownership

Both censuses cover all counties that existed at the time. This is basically all modern counties with the exceptions of Rusk (not included in the 1895 census because it was not created until 1905) and Menominee (not included in either year since it wasn’t created until 1961).

Click on the image to enlarge the sample page from the 1905 Census.

Search the 1895 and 1905 Wisconsin State Censuses.

8 thoughts on “Ancestry Adds Wisconsin State Censuses for 1895 and 1905–Index and Images

  1. Thank you so much for these censuses, my husband’s GGG Grandfather, Leroy Turner, was in WI. He is on the 1905 Census. Also am looking for his G. Grandfather, Willis Smith.

    I have had problems finding Willis, and am anxious to start looking on these Census.

    June Kennedy

  2. This is a great addition to the site? Hopefully there are plans to publish some of the earlier Wisconsin State Censuses as well…

  3. And I hope this means that other state censuses will soon follow? My desire would be particularly for New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

  4. Well, I was all excited to see this new database! Until I went to used it. In OCONTO Co., 1905. All of the First page for each township, are NOT THERE! Page one states what township it is…page two starts with number 10 (approx.) and all the people I want to see are in the first 10 (of course)!!!

    I assume there should be a page in between and it is Missing!! I checked and all of the townships seem to be affected!

    by the way the INDEX is correct, But when I go to the image…the page is missing!!!

  5. Wonderful!! This is something all genealogists researching Wisconsin have been hoping for. The WPS project of putting names on cards for the 1905 WI Census has been used greatly (on microfilm) but this is another step forward.

  6. I puzzled over “missing pages”, too, but discovered that by scanning sideways all the pages turned up. I hope this may be the answer to Kristen Hurt’s problem (24 Feb.07). A great new site yielding lots of details for me.

  7. What a wonderful new addition! I just wish I could find a way to print blank forms to fill in.

  8. Doriene,

    Thank You SO MUCH for the advice of scrolling sideways! I never thought they would have pages side-by-side! I was finally able to find my “missing” family.

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