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9 February 2007
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The Board for Certification of Genealogists® has added to the Skillbuilding section of its website ( example of a narrative lineage with embedded proof summaries. This example, written by BCG President Connie Lenzen, CG, illustrates how an applicant for CG might address Requirement 7, the Kinship-Determination Project.

President Lenzen’s narrative lineage joins a collection of several other work samples already on the BCG website. These examples, written by well-known experts in the field, serve as points of reference for all genealogists who aspire to work to BCG’s standards as defined in The Genealogical Standards Manual. BCG judges measure the work of all applicants against those standards.

Those interested in learning more about BCG and its application requirements are encouraged to spend time exploring the website, In addition to work samples, the site provides prospective applicants with a self-scored quiz to measure readiness for certification; exercises to test transcription and abstraction skills; and over twenty skillbuilding articles originally published in BCG’s educational newsletter, OnBoard. A sample application portfolio will be added to the work samples section in the near future.

Laura DeGrazia, CG
BCG Trustee
BCG Outreach Committee Member/Advertising Manager

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