The Practical Archivist

I received an email from Sally Jacobs last month letting me know about her blog, “The Practical Archivist,” which unfortunately promptly got buried in my inbox. I went and checked it out this morning and found it’s well worth a look. Today’s post is more of a venting session on a recent customer  service experience, and although I found myself shaking my head in a kind of “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” way, the real gems are in the preservation articles. Here are some of the post titles:

  • Have you been protecting the wrong side of your CDs?
  • Research Tip: Custom Search Engines
  • Help! My Photos Are Stuck
  • How Long Will My Digital Prints Last?
  • The Truth About “Archival” Products

You can check out Sally’s blog at:  I’m off to search her archives for an article on keeping your inbox uncluttered. 😉

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